The Plyroom Marketplace

Our floor stock items and photo shoot samples have been housed in our Northcote studio but are looking for a new home.  These pieces have been in our showroom or packaged and stored, so with the exception of minor discolouration or small tarnishes they in good condition.  We also have a small number of items that will be discontinued available at reduced prices. 

At Plyroom we take a stand against designed obsolescence, with every piece designed for longevity. Passing on our floor stock is just another way of extending the effective the life of our product, allowing someone else to continue its story.  

These items cannot be returned or refunded so we are happy to provide you with any necessary information. Call us on 1300 709 399 Monday-Friday between 8.30am and 5.30pm or email us at

While stocks last. Some items are pick up only, please check product description for further information.


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