Our Story

“Deciding what is essential in our lives isn’t about paring back our belongings and forgoing our beloved but necessary frivolities: instead of determining how little we can live with, it’s about working out what we simply can’t live without” 

- Greg McKeown The Essentialists

Home is a refuge. A place to rest and revive before we face the world again. A place of such importance should be edited to evoke happiness, peace and balance.

Embedded in the Plyroom collection is our sustainable ideology of made to last craftsmanship, functional design and the belief that pieces should last a lifetime. We are committed to offering products that are unique, made from quality natural materials, designed with great care and presented in simple and inspiring ways. We believe in considered choices and a move away from fast consumption.

We seek to create a small but considered range of beautifully designed, consciously made products. From flexible furniture that can adapt to changing needs to beautiful accessories that provide pleasure in simple rituals, Plyroom products are always bound by a simple mantra that they be pared-back staples to encourage a simpler way of living. 


Where It All Began

Plyroom was born in 2013 in a small town in Italy. The idea was inspired by embodying small-footprint living and a simpler existence. Its origin comes from a very personal and wonderful journey where I was able to spend a slower year abroad with my family.

Passionate about the state of the environment alongside a desire to create highly considered pieces that honour craftsmanship and functional design, Plyroom is the marriage of these personal values. 

Plyroom’s early days began with the basics, furniture pieces that fit this notion of effortlessness and quality. Based in Melbourne whilst working with talented designers in Italy, the collection drew inspiration from the need to simplify.

Today, we work with a number of small-scale makers, both in Italy and locally in Melbourne. We only work with makers who are as passionate about the origin of materials and quality as we are. We strive to find better ways to design, make and deliver products that are conscientious in the way they are born and the effect they have on the world around them.

Intentionally small-scale, we are a small team that includes my two children (who are now master furniture assemblers and quality control ), our awesome studio manager Katrina and occasional visits to the studio by Piper our west-highland terrier and Katrina's pooch Peggy.