ME Nook



Product Details

A simple and practical addition to provide additional space without dominating, the ME Nook works in harmony with Plyroom furniture pieces by creating an additional ledge that can be added and taken away with no fuss.

How does it work?

  • Additional ledge for the A4 Change Station so whatever you need is always within reach

  • Attach to the window of the Castello Bunk so your child has somewhere within reach but out of the way to place their book or glass of water

  • Attach to the Ava Bed for easy access to dummies and bottles

  • Attach to the Ava Desk to provide additional space for when things get busy

  • Attach to the Singolo bedhead or Sleigh bed sides so your child has somewhere to put their special book or glass of water 


No screws or tools are required to assemble this intuitive and unique product, the pieces literally slide and slot together, very satisfying to make!

Designed and made in Italy entirely from highest quality European FSC Birch ply and lovingly finished by hand with 100% non-toxic materials and finishes. The ME Nook is available in a natural finish 

Design: Paolo Cogliati


H 110mm

D 165mm

W 360mm

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