Wooden Camera with Zoom feature Breeze




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Cameras as we know them now are pretty much only seen on the icons of smart phones, and young children now have little experience of the physical form factor of cameras. Actual cameras – even digital ones– are nostalgic items these days! 

This wooden camera is perfect for the little ones and the young at heart.

Offering a nostalgic notion of play, and inspired by the iconic Leica cameras of old,  the actual-sized camera encourages fantasy, imagination and creativity. 

  • Features hand zoom perfect for the budding photographer. Zoom feature which is activated by screwing and unscrewing the lens
  • Beautiful pieces that are eco-friendly and provide tangible educational benefits to your children.
  • Recommended age 4+
  • Designed by Fanny & Alexander
  • Made by hand in Argentina
  • Made from Guatambu and Incense wood with leather grip
  • No threatened wood species are used in these products

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