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    We speak with Jason Chongue of The Plant Society about how to transform a space with indoor plants and emulate the tranquility of natural spaces in our every day life.

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    New studio hours

    This month we're open weekdays 10am - 4pm.

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    Our handpicked collection of books.

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    Simple but significant

    The Shibui Collection
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    We’ve launched our first ever publication, a collaborative and reflective response to the demand of daily life.

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The Design Chaser Offering innovative solutions for small living spaces, the pieces are about longevity and flexibility
The Design Files living more simply, Plyroom offers a mix of pieces – some designed and made in Melbourne,
Broadsheet Melbourne Taking inspiration from modern minimalism and simplistic living, Plyroom’s creations are designed to be functional and adaptable.
April May Every piece is made with passion for creating and this turns out in all unique design pieces which won’t fall apart when there are children or pets around.