Endlessly Modular Shibui Shelving System

The Japanese aesthetic of shibui draws upon silent, subtle and unobtrusive qualities. Originally released in 2017, Plyroom's Shibui Shelving System was created as a representation of thoughtful, understated flexibility and local design.

Since its launch, the Shibui Shelving System has become one of Plyroom's best selling pieces, elegantly delivering an infinite array of space and storage solutions. With the last few years changing how we live and work, and how we use our homes, we have reimagined the intrinsic modularity of the Shibui Shelving System to make it even more flexible for life today. Shibui Birch Tall 3.5 Warrandyte

At the heart of Plyroom’s creative philosophy lies a respect for what we already possess. Through the use of our existing resources and knowledge we are able to create works of enduring beauty and meaning. Shibui's latest additions bring that philosophy to the fore.

Balancing simplicity, strength and space, the Shibui Shelving System offers spacious storage defined by an elegant framework of timber and brass. With strength that defies its refined profile and carefully considered details, this modular shelving solution imbues everyday living spaces with quiet beauty.Shibui Shelving System - Plyroom

Home-changing Features

Now, with the addition of custom designed features including a bespoke brass garment rail, push-close cabinet doors and brass bookends, the Shibui Shelving System is ready to grow with you, easily adapting to your changing living scenarios with commodious care. The brass garment rail, designed in collaboration with Japanese lifestyle brand Fog Linen, provides indispensable hanging space for clothes, towelling and more. Push-close cabinet doors, cleverly integrated into Shibui’s refined shelving structure, create a concealed storage option to keep things looking tidy. You can also add brass bookends to support the generous, open display compartments that makes Shibui so attractive.Shibui Shelving System | Plyroom

Just as you like it

Shelving and legs come as separates, allowing you to scale your shelving up or pare it back. Expand up and out with low, mid and tall modules in columns of two, three, four and more. You can add shelves and extra length, and just as easily downsize to make the Shibui work for you. Plyroom has also curated a set of Shibui configurations for common living scenarios such as hallway storage, bedroom storage, music units and entertainment units. Whether it be storage and display in a hallway, to define open spaces, or as a sideboard with space for music, Shibui is infinitely modular. And, we love working with our customers to understand what they need and create a solution to suit their personal brief,” says Elise.Shibui Tall Oak 3.5 with Garment Rail and Cabinet

Natural material choices

Shibui can be further customised to suit your space and aesthetic with shelves and cabinets available in a choice of Birch and American Oak. Brass details draw this palette of natural materiality together, their essential utility continuously highlighted as they patina over time.Shibui Shelving System Tall 2.0

Shibui Shelving System

Shibui is a modular shelving system with endless possibilities. With different shelves and dowels, Shibui can be expanded and assembled in an unlimited number of configurations.
Shibui Shelf Shibui Birch Cabinet

Discover The Possibilities

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