Natural changes

Timber is a natural product that will respond to its environmental conditions. Timbers will absorb varying degrees of moisture depending on their environment (e.g. humid areas create higher moisture absorption, whereas timbers in air-conditioned or cooler areas are generally drier).

Changes in environment over time can create expansions and contractions in the wood. This, along with naturally occurring knots, gum veins or variations, is not an indication of an inferior product, but simply a feature of the changing face of this natural fibre. 

Caring for your product

For general care we recommend dusting with a clean, dry cloth, or wiping down with soft cloth wrung dry from plain water (leaving the surface dry after cleaning).

What to avoid

Do not leave liquid to sit on timber surfaces as it will penetrate and may stain. Wipe up spills immediately with a soft cloth.

Take care when placing or moving unglazed ceramics and other items with an irregular base as they may scratch the timber.

Avoid regular household or harsh chemical detergents, as these are designed to dissolve grease and oil. Over time these products will break down the finished surface of your furniture.

We’ve created a Furniture Cleaning & Care Kit for maintaining the beauty of your timber furniture, view it here.