Sustainability at Plyroom

At Plyroom a deep sense of responsibility for our community and environment is imbued into our products and practices. As a small local business, we can be more agile and proactive at the ground level to make a positive impact through the products we make, the platform we have and community that supports us. 

As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.

The notion of generational permanence was one that shaped the early days of Plyroom. Founder Elise Heslop, like many of us, grew up with grandparents who looked after pieces of furniture, mended clothes and grew their own food. These childhood learnings, as well as her experience living in Italy and meeting the early collaborators of Plyroom cemented her desire to create a business that not only made good but did good, continuing this notion that items don’t need to be replaced, rather cared for, repurposed, designed for life’s changes.



It is said ‘like attracts like’ and so it is no wonder that our customers share a mutual consideration for where their furniture comes from, who makes it and how it’s made. It is our customers’ concern for sustainable and ethical production that inspires our 100% transparency on manufacturing processes and supply chain. We are always open to discuss where and how our products are made.

All of our products are manufactured either in small family-run businesses in Northern Italy, or in Melbourne and Sydney by small businesses who have an interest in small scale and sustainable production.

The term ‘sustainability’ is one that is used often and by many. It is not a binary or absolute concept, and its application comes in many shapes. At Plyroom, we aim to be a sustainable practice, from the materials and product finishes we choose, down to the electricity supply and toilet paper we consume. 

We continually review our practices and implement new policies to reduce our environmental impact, but we are on a journey and we have a way to go. 

Below is a snapshot of where we are today. We look forward to providing updates as we improve further in our effort to tread more lightly on the earth and support our community.

Sustainability through...


1% for the Planet


Intentional Design

Sustainable Materials

Supporting small business

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Minimising Waste

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Social and Environmental Initiatives

Of course, all of these efforts are part of an ever-growing approach to sustainability and social responsibility at Plyroom. What works for us today, may require re-evaluation tomorrow, and there are always opportunities to do better. Please, join us as we navigate this space. Your feedback and ideas are always welcome.