The term ‘sustainability’ is used often and by many. It is not a binary or absolute concept. At Plyroom, we aim to be a sustainable practice, from the materials and product finishes we choose down to the electricity supply and toilet paper we consume. 

A deep sense of responsibility for our community and environment is imbued into our products and practices. As a small local business, we know we can be more agile and proactive at the ground level to make a positive impact through our products, the platform, and the community that supports us. 

The notion of generational permanence shaped the early days of Plyroom. Like many of us, founder Elise Heslop grew up with grandparents who looked after pieces of furniture, mended clothes and grew their own food. These childhood learnings, as well as her experience living in Italy and meeting the early collaborators of Plyroom, cemented her desire to create a purpose-driven business, continuing this notion that items don’t need to be replaced, rather, cared for, repurposed, and designed for life’s changes. 

All of our products are manufactured either in small family-run businesses in Northern Italy or Melbourne and Sydney by small businesses that have an interest in small-scale and sustainable production.

We continually review our practices and implement new policies to reduce our environmental impact. What works for us today may require reevaluation tomorrow, and there are always opportunities to do better. 


Plyroom Sustainable Furniture

1% for the Planet

Since 2020, we have been a member of 1% for the Planet, an organisation that drives true on-the-ground impact.

Through this program, 1% of our gross revenue (not just profit) is now directed to highly vetted environmental not-for-profit organisations to ensure our donations make the most impact possible.

In 2021, we supported Australian not-for-profit organisations: Bush Heritage and Greenfleet.

  • Bush Heritage, founded by Dr Bob Brown, has been protecting natural bushland since 1991. Today they protect over 11.3 million hectares of land and river systems across Australia in order to improve the health of plants, animals, water, soil and Aboriginal cultural values. 
  • In supporting Greenfleet, we have donated a ‘Milestone Forest’, which protects against climate change by restoring native biodiverse forests. Greenfleet works alongside the Dja Dja Wurrung people, the traditional owners of the land on which the Milestone Forest will be located, to see the creation of bio-links for native wildlife and direct and sustainable economic benefit for the indigenous community.

In 2022, through our support of Greenfleet, we continued with the reforestation of Ngulumbarra land equivalent to over 40 tennis courts in central Victoria.  

Intentional Design

Our products are designed with flexibility, adaptability and longevity in mind. We aim to create an offering of well-made, considered products that bypass trends and are timeless, and ­­that can also be moved from room to room to suit changing needs.

Plyroom Australian Made Sustainable FurnitureSustainable Materials

Our furniture is produced using sustainably sourced Birch, Beech and Tasmanian Oak. We only source materials that have either FSC or PEFC certification. We also use eco-friendly water-based finishes or food-safe plant-based waxes to protect our products. 

We ensure that the suppliers we work with hold a similar reverence for sustainable production. Therefore, much of our home goods and essentials are Australian made from recycled, natural, organic and/or durable materials.

Supporting Small Business

We might be a bit old-fashioned, but we like to know the names of the people we work with. We work with several small businesses around Melbourne and Sydney who are good people as well as great craftspeople. Our Italian manufacturers (who have been working with us since Plyroom's beginning) care about what they do and have as much passion for the pieces they create as we do.

Plyroom small Australian furniture businessMinimising Waste

We aim to package each product with materials that are either recyclable, biodegradable, reusable or made from recycled or renewable resources. 

Where more packaging is required to keep a piece safe in transit, we use FSC-certified, post-consumer recycled cardboard boxes and Polycell EcoPure, a biodegradable bubble wrap that contains an organic additive to break down the plastic over time in landfill.

More To Come

Of course, all of these efforts are part of an ever-growing approach to sustainability and social responsibility at Plyroom. Please, join us as we navigate this space. Your feedback and ideas are always welcome.