Our Story111

Plyroom began with a simple idea: considered design and quality furniture that allowed for a simpler way of living. A way of living that said goodbye to clutter and made time for the important things in life.  

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Working with talented makers and doers from across the globe, Plyroom supports unique design with a focus on function, simplicity and timelessness. Our curated collections seek to bring unique, thoughtful design to customers who want to celebrate the origins of a product. Our makers are driven by their passion to create beautiful, functional furniture and homewares with simplicity at their core. 

We believe in choosing to surround yourself only with the things you love. We believe in sustainable and lasting design that’s made for living. Design that gives you joy and that won’t fall apart at the playful hands of children and the curious noses of pets. Quality craftsmanship, hand-finished pieces that can be passed on to loved ones throughout the years. 

What started as an idea that brought my passions and values to life, has transformed into a journey and a lifestyle that makes time for creativity, playfulness and the enjoyment of the little things. We’ve experienced firsthand the freedom that simplifying your life can create and the enjoyment that slowing down can offer. We hope Plyroom can help to bring greater simplicity and joy to your everyday in the same way it has for ours.  

Elise Heslop - Founder of Plyroom, mum of two, expert furniture assembler and former collector of lovely but unnecessary ‘stuff’ 

Our Ethos


Beautiful design doesn’t need to be complicated. Our furniture is easy to assemble and made to fit any home.


We collaborate with talented designers from across the globe to bring you original design from the creators themselves.


Plyroom products are created from start to finish with the utmost care and consideration. Finished by hand, our products are available in limited runs only and each is beautifully unique. 


An ideology of sustainability influences Plyroom in every way. All wood used in the production of Plyroom products is sourced from sustainably managed and harvested forests and unique joinery systems allow most products to be shipped to you flat-packed - which means less transport emissions and positive progress for our environment. 


Not only sustainable in their creation methods, Plyroom products are sustainable in their versatility too.  Our products inspire creativity, flexibility and freedom - that beautiful dining table transforms into a stylish children’s desk which transforms into the perfect hallway piece.