• Our First Ever Publication

    Posted on February 16 2018

    Escapism, our first ever publication, was born out of a feeling of exhaustion after an incessantly busy 2017. Relishing in the downtime of the break, we contemplated the concept of escapism.We wondered, do we work hard...

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  • Small Space Living: Our 5 Most Adaptable Pieces

    Posted on January 23 2018

      In an age pervaded by excess, there are a handful of renegades in the design space and built environment challenging the modern-age consumption paradigm. These Australian and international designers...

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  • Beauty in Simplicity

    Posted on January 09 2018

      This article has been republished with permission from our friend, interior designer Jacinda Malloy of Hide and Sleep Interiors.  When I shared this girls room on my Instagram account I was surprised with...

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  • 2017: A Year In Review

    Posted on December 18 2017

    All the plans that started as little ideas for 2017 have been ticked off our to-do lists and we now enjoy this time to reflect on another year full of...

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  • Children's bedrooms: to share or not to share?

    Posted on December 03 2017

    The pursuit of simplicity challenges our deeply engrained 'more is more' mentality, especially when applied to our homes. The societal paradigm of bigger-is-better is pervasive in our western society, something...

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  • Inspired by Comma Byron Bay | 5 tips for a calm space

    Posted on November 20 2017

    Nestled in the heart of the Northern Rivers, Comma Byron Bay is a haven that 'stands for taking a moment to breathe, regenerate, find calm, and begin again'... a philosophy...

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  • Japandi | A philosophical revelation

    Posted on November 01 2017

    Image credit clockwise from top left: Concrete Box House by Robertson Design, Anh House / S+Na. – Sanuki + Nishizawa architects, House in Yamanote by Sasaki + Associates, source unknown (via Pinterest), Halo House...

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  • Italy and Latvia: Visiting our furniture makers

    Posted on November 01 2017

    In October we spent two weeks hiking and chestnut foraging in the Italian mountains with old friends, calling in at our Italian manufacturers, and experiencing a sense of renewed inspiration...

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  • Nature Therapy

    Posted on October 24 2017

    Inspired by the form of tree trunks and plant stems, our new Flor planter is a manifestation of outstanding craftsmanship, clean form and natural materiality. Innately versatile, the Flor planter...

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  • Baby Showers: A thoughtful gift guide

    Posted on October 04 2017

    Spring in Melbourne is filled with the sweetness of magnolias, white blossoms on wiry trees, and gentle sunlight hinting of a warm summer ahead. The changes around us have us...

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  • Our 5 Most Versatile Minimalist Furniture Pieces

    Posted on September 13 2017

    Australian homes are some of the largest in the world. According to Assemble Projects, they are almost double the average home in Denmark which boasts the largest homes in Europe....

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  • Meet the Makers

    Posted on August 06 2017

    In today’s retail environment it is often that we, as consumers, are disassociated from the supply chain, unaware of the processes undertaken to obtain the products we so blissfully consume....

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  • Simplifying Play | Inspired by Der Spielzeugfreie

    Posted on July 19 2017

    We were introduced to the concept of Der Spielzeugfreie Kindergarten (translated as the nursery without toys) through an article by Tracy Gillett on her blog, Raised Good. We hold dear...

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  • HYGGE | A Danish Philosophy

    Posted on July 06 2017

    As winter is upon us we anguish over seasonal afflictions of dropping temperatures, ceaseless rain and drowning in too many layers. Though our winter months hardly compare to that of...

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  • Denfair 2017

    Posted on June 21 2017

    At the beginning of June Plyroom exhibited at Denfair, a trade event bringing together leading companies and thought leaders in contemporary Australian interior and industrial design. Held over three days...

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    Posted on May 08 2017

    Our latest Shibui collection was created with a clear vision of simplicity and subtle but important details.  Its namesake is as Japanese concept, much like Wabi-sabi, where Shibui refers to...

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  • Behind the scenes with Plyroom

    Posted on April 23 2017

    This April we had a photoshoot at our Northcote studio to document our newest Plyroom products. Stylist Stefanie Ingram and photographer Martina Gemmola facilitated the shoot, bringing to life ideas...

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  • Indulge a little...

    Posted on March 30 2017

    We are big fans of hot cross buns. We've had our eye on them since they cheekily appeared in stores only days after Christmas. We've restrained ourselves until now and boy...

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    Posted on February 20 2017

    Mention the name Amelia Fullarton to almost anyone in the creative realm these days and the statement, “Oh yeah I follow her on Instagram” will no doubt ensue. Her swoon...

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  • Calm Spaces for Kids

    Posted on January 24 2017

    We’ve been trying to keep some of that holiday calm going as the days get fuller and kid's lives will inevitably get busy again. In the lead up to back...

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  • Virtues of flatpack as a concept in sustainability

    Posted on January 11 2017

    Over the course of the Plyroom journey there have quite honestly been times spent fraught with self doubt and questioning in regards to the innovation and idealism of bringing furniture...

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  • Christmas Gifts - The Wrap Up

    Posted on December 17 2016

    At Plyroom as the first murmurings of Christmas begin, we start to think about the Christmas tree and beautifully wrapped gifts under it. Here is our wrap up of the...

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  • Sipping On | A Summer Cocktail

    Posted on December 07 2016

    OMH & Devour Catering created this beautiful cocktail. These will be a mainstay at our long lunches this summer.  Lemoncello, my darling lemon thyme 30mls Lemoncello 30mls Martini Bianco A few...

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  • In Conversation With | Sans [ceuticals]


    In Conversation With | Sans [ceuticals]

    Posted on December 07 2016

    The French are heartily praised for knowing a thing or two about honing the art of simplicity and effortless sophistication.   New Zealand is heartily praised for its laudable geography...

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  • Conversation with Belinda Evans from Alchemy Store


    Conversation with Belinda Evans from Alchemy Store

    Posted on November 20 2016

    Many people seem think that being sustainably minded with a reverence for nature means running off to live in an isolated forest where they must let all bodily hair outlets...

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  • Traditional wood working principles applied to modern design

    Posted on November 20 2016

    In the days of construction before nails, screws and readily made joins were typically available, much building was completed using the likes of wooden pegs or pins. From large and...

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  • Sustainable Forestry

    Posted on November 02 2016

    What is Sustainable Forestry?At Plyroom, we wholeheartedly believe in sustainable forestry methods in order to maintain and support our climate and ecosystem. All wood used in the production of Plyroom...

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  • Conversation with Ettitude linens

    Posted on November 02 2016

    “Good for the planet. Good for you. Good for people.” As soon as we saw these three statements on the website, we were sold. Ettitude, is the beautiful bamboo brain-baby...

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    Posted on October 15 2016

    Daybeds are having a moment in our books. Fitting perfectly with the Plyroom ethos, daybeds are versatile, simple and beautiful. We love the thought of curling up on one, beneath...

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    Posted on October 15 2016

    What is it? Small footprint living is a term we embrace wholeheartedly at Plyroom. Not only does it refer to an ideology of sustainability and environmental awareness, but its values are...

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    Posted on October 15 2016

    As Christmas approaches and we find ourselves bombarded with advertising for gifts, decorations, food and everything in between, it’s easy to get lost in the desire for more, more more.  ...

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    Posted on October 04 2016

    In the ever so elegant words of Rainer Maria Rilke, “It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” What a truth there is...

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  • Finding Inspiration in the Shaker Design Principles

    Posted on September 05 2016

    Images courtesy of: Pinterest, Borastapeter  ‘Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful’ -...

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  • MATERIALITY | For the love of Ply

    Posted on August 29 2016

    Who knew plywood could compete kg for kg with the likes of steel?  While you’re likely familiar with plywood and the use of this beautiful material in furniture making, you...

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  • MOOD BOARD | Understated

    Posted on August 24 2016

    We are inspired by quiet spaces... Clockwise L-R: Table setting, via Pinterest. Interior, via Pinterest. Texture, via Pinterest. Big Nest Storage Unit, Plyroom. Concrete Box House, Robertson Design. Chopsticks, Muji. Pottery,...

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  • PLACES | Next on our list - Sushi Making Workshop

    Posted on August 24 2016

    Image: Kinfolk We are big believers in travel. Travel opens your eyes to new perspectives, helps you grow, reminds you what’s truly important and leaves you with incredible memories. We’re...

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  • PLACES | Weekend in Hobart


    PLACES | Weekend in Hobart

    Posted on August 19 2016

    Photo: World of Wanderlust As Winter draws to a close we have been feeling the need to get out a little more. Whilst reading about magical places has satisfied the...

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  • PLACES | Refugi Lieptgas

    Posted on August 09 2016

      You’ll find Refugi Lieptgas in the middle of a quiet and beautiful forest in Switzerland. What used to be an old hut used by farmers has now been replaced...

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  • The Art of Eating Seasonally


    The Art of Eating Seasonally

    Posted on July 12 2016

    Image courtesy of While Out Riding. There’s nowhere that conscious consumption can be expressed more than in the choices we make when we eat. Many of us are time-poor and looking for...

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  • Sicilian Citrus Cake

    Posted on July 09 2016

    Now I am not a 'eat the cake mix off the spoon' type, but this cake is so simple and so good one lick of the cake mixture will seal it...

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  • New to Plyroom


    New to Plyroom

    Posted on July 02 2016

    With the colder weather we are embracing the indoors. Our new additions embody simplicity and quality and are centred on time spent doing activities which nourish body and soul: reading in...

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  • Our Favourite Downtime Rituals

    Posted on June 19 2016

    As the winter weather sets in and days become shorter, we at Plyroom are welcoming time to rest, recharge and allow our minds and bodies time to breathe. As we find...

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  • Ode to the humble notebook


    Ode to the humble notebook

    Posted on June 05 2016

    There’s something about a simple notebook. Before it’s even been written in; fresh and full of possibilities. A blank canvas waiting for you to spill out your secrets, dream up...

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  • The Life House


    The Life House

    Posted on May 30 2016

    A space specifically designed for calm and reflection? That’s what inspired the making of The Life House. Created by The School of Life in collaboration with British architect John Pawson,...

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  • Celebrating Mother's Day the simple way


    Celebrating Mother's Day the simple way

    Posted on April 24 2016

    Mother’s Day is a beautiful celebration of wonderful women – the amazing mothers in our lives. Often, however, the meaning behind holidays can get lost under endless gift guides and...

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  • Mood Board - Natural State


    Mood Board - Natural State

    Posted on March 14 2016

    Boathouse by WE Architecture With the seasons changing, we relish the last of long Summer days and look forward to new seasonal produce & evenings by the fire. Layers of black...

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  • Less but better. Embracing the essentials.

    Posted on March 05 2016

    Home of Emma Persson Lagerberg photo by Petra Bindel. Found on Apartment Therapy Several years ago we moved overseas for a year.  The mammoth task of packing up our house and deciding what to...

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  • Nest Series by Plyroom

    Posted on November 01 2015

    Inspired by the functional aesthetic of mid century design, we've been working on some exciting new pieces to add to the Plyroom collection.  Designed by Plyroom and made in Melbourne,...

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