Restoring a Piece of Local History

Merging Two Once Divided Residences into a Stunning Sanctuary for Modern Living

The beauty of restoring an older home is in preserving its character while making it functional for modern living. This was exactly the case for a home that was once divided into two separate residences. The new renovations helped merge the home back into one, bringing a piece of local history back to its glory with a considered contemporary touch.

Ramsden House 1Ramsden Houses 4The newly restored home is a true inspiration, with its light-filled rooms and connection to nature. The original features were carefully preserved, including the stunning timber floors and detailed cornices. The team of architects and designers worked closely to create a cohesive and functional living space, while also ensuring the charm and character of the original home was not lost.

Ramsden House 2
The home is now a calming sanctuary to come home to, with carefully curated furniture and decor that complements the original features of the home. The space is designed to bring the outdoors in, with large windows and doors that allow natural light to flood the space.
Ramsden Houses 3
The homeowners have embraced the connection to nature and have created a garden oasis that complements the home's aesthetic. The garden is a peaceful retreat, with carefully selected plants and trees that blend seamlessly with the home's natural surroundings.
This stunning home is a testament to the beauty of preserving local history while creating a functional and contemporary living space. We are inspired by the thoughtful renovation and the team's dedication to preserving the original character of the home. It is a true example of how an older home can be transformed into a stunning sanctuary for modern living.
Home & Styling: Barnaby Lane
Build: Hyland Built
Architect: Tom Robertson Architects
Interior: Larritt-Evans
Landscape: Avoca Landscape
Photography: Dylan James

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