Life, Music, and Inspiration: Inside Yasmine's Collingwood Apartment

Record corner featuring our Shibui Shelving System and Cabinet. Photographed by Robyn Daly & Hannah Nikkelson from Assignment (Launching soon)

In the heart of Collingwood, amidst the rhythm of the music scene and the bustling energy of the streets, lies a quiet haven that Yasmine calls home. Yasmine, a curator and radio host, graciously welcomes us into her world, sharing the intimate details of her beautiful Collingwood apartment. In our interview with Yasmine, we embark on a captivating conversation, where she opens up about her inspirations, her philosophy on life, and her deep affection for the neighbourhood she calls home.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where you grew up, what inspired you and led you to where you are today.

My name's Yasmine, I work in music - mostly as a curator and radio host. I grew up in the South East - which was not very inspiring except for the astonishing opp shopping, which has contributed a lot to my home (thanks mum!).

Tell us about your home, who lives here? How long have you been here, what do you love most about it?

Just me! I moved in late last year, and can't imagine living anywhere else now... Hard to say what I love most about the place, I still feel like I'm settling in, slowly building up the home I've always wanted. My favourite thing is probably the light! And the arches - I notice them everywhere I go now.

Yasmines Collingwood Apartment - Plyroom

What attracted you to the home and area?

When I first saw the house, Ben Mooney of Ma House was living there and had everything decked to the 9s. It was absolutely incredible. I didn't think something like that could exist in Collingwood. I had always lived or worked in Collingwood since my late teens, so I loved the area - but to find something so central that still felt quiet and secret was very special.

What are you working on right now?

Ooof! I'm currently working on a few big gigs happening throughout the year. On top of my weekly RRR radio show, Cease and Desist, and monthly show on Skylab.

What’s been most impressionable on you and your approach to life?

"Try harder and care less" was a piece of advice my family friend once told me that really stuck.

Yasmines Collingwood Apartment PlyroomYasmines bedroom - Collingwood Apartment Plyroom

Yasmine's cosy bedroom featuring our Oh Side Table & Sweden 

Favourite part of your home?

The bedroom! I thought I would hate the little nook when I first moved in, but it has definitely become my favourite place to spend time.

Favourite places in your neighbourhood?

Skydiver, definitely! It's dangerously close to home, so I'm often accidentally buying a record with my morning coffee or staying late for one too many wines... Pasta Classica is my go to on cold afternoons, as is Sense Of Self (for special occasions).

Do you have a daily routine or ritual?

I do but it's very simple... If I have some extra time, I usually try to have my coffee in bed and listen to the radio before starting the day.

What’s your favourite way to unwind?

Probably pottering around in my garden, it really helps me decompress.

Yasmines Collingwood apartment - Garden Plyroom

Indulge in Yasmine's thoughtfully curated winter playlist here.

Photographed by Robyn Daly & Hannah Nikkelson. Photography Studio Assignment (Launching soon)

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