Introducing Ondarreta

45 years ago, from the Ondarreta beach in San Sebastian, a beach that keeps the secrets of those who summer in its waters emerged the roots of a carpentry workshop that would be the beginning of a family history dedicated to the design and manufacture of furniture.

Today, more than 45 years after, Ondarreta has travelled from that small workshop in the beach to where it is today across more than 50 countries.

Meeting the team from Ondarreta last year and working with them has been a thrill and a highlight for us at Plyroom. Their designs and sustainability ethos transcend short term trends, important values to us at Plyroom.

We are honoured to be offering a limited collection of their recent Ginger collection and Ele Wall accessories.

Learn more about Ondarreta and what motivates them to create beautiful furniture through their manifesto below.


We make furniture to bring people closer together, establish links and strengthen relationships. We want to prompt moments of connection, create new spaces and enrich old ones. We want to bring charm and comfort to meetings, gatherings and conversations; to be the support for those who write books, design posters, send emails, compose letters, enjoy meals, play harps and behold art.



We are the heirs of woodworkers in the world of contemporary design. Tradition and innovation are the two lenses through which we see life. We conceive our collections with great respect for what really matters to us: an artisanal tradition that has been alive and evolving for over forty years; a balance between beauty and function, between craft and technology; a lively, vibrant style. This is what we look forward to every morning. This is why we don’t sit down, why we keep moving, facing challenges, and reinventing our business: so that we can always find new ways to bring joy to our clients with objects born from true passion.

Join together, stay in motion, persist in being, we enjoy doing our work.

We enjoy bringing in and sharing new perspectives, big dreams and smart ideas that come with each new member of our growing family. For our craft and our clients, we remain standing – we won’t sit just yet.




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