Ode to the humble notebook

Ode to the humble notebook

There’s something about a simple notebook. Before it’s even been written in; fresh and full of possibilities. A blank canvas waiting for you to spill out your secrets, dream up wild dreams, turn crazy ideas into reality…

In today’s technology driven world, we find ourselves, more and more, drawn to the humble notebook. A place of creativity and imagination, where we won’t be distracted by emails or social media notifications. A good notebook inspires journaling: the process of reflection, of sorting through thoughts and allowing dreams to become possible as you sift thoughts out and onto the page.

In honour of the humble notebook, here is our curated collection of modern options for the stylish notebook lover.


We couldn’t have celebrate notebooks without mentioning this classic. The notebook used by artists, writers and creatives; Hemingway, Picasso, Bruce Chatwin, Vincent Van Gogh. Not only is it’s story inspiring (who wouldn’t like to be among those names) but the design is simple, well-made and monochrome.



Oelwein is a beautiful French brand who speaks to our heart with their focus on sustainable production. Using recycled papers, natural cotton and wood from sustainably managed forests, they also incorporate traditional printing techniques into their products. It’s hard to pick a favourite but we’re loving the Granit Notebook (among others).

Oelwein Notebook


For when you need some inspiration on what to write, Archie Grand delivers. The quirky cool ‘I met and liked’ range of Scandinavian notebooks is bold, fun and contemporary. This mischievous option evokes thoughts of wild romances, strong characters and wonderful adventures.

Lovers I had and Liked


The sweet A6 size, copper foil embossing, stitched spine and beautiful design make this dreamy notebook a must-have. Plus, it’s printed on 100% recycled paper using vegetable-based inks. We’ll take five.

 Wrap Fragment Notebook

What’s your favourite?


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