Birkenstock HQ Leaves A Green Footprint

Back at work after lazy Summer days we want to get the year started right, so what better way than to look to local inspiration to make our workspace simpler, nicer and brighter! 

As the line between work and home life continues to blur, more office spaces are embracing a simple, flexible approach to design that can be adapted to suit the changing ways in which we work.

The best workplace designs are those that reflect the brand of the company. Lots of closed doors and dark timber finishes don’t really suggest transparency and openness. One look at the new Australian headquarters of Birkenstock in Melbourne’s Clifton Hill shows that it is a company that cares.

Birkenstock Head Office Melbourne 1

The Birkenstock headquarters is green and light.

The office design illustrates the footwear company’s commitment to the sustainability, quality, craftsmanship and integrity. These are all qualities that we hold dear at Plyroom and we’re also happy to see that the Birkenstock headquarters has generously embraced the use of plywood! 

Designed by Melbourne Design Studios, the headquarters features an open plan office to encourage teamwork rather than a hierarchical structure. The layout allows employees to move around freely and it’s flexible enough so they can work in different places within the office. The desks are laid out around a central island – this configuration invites team members to congregate and collaborate. 


Natural light floods the office space

Plants are a central part of the design, bringing life to the space. They also work to purify the surroundings, removing any unhealthy particles and improving the indoor air quality. And rather than traditional block-out screens, the desks are divided by rows of healthy plants. 

Birkenstock Office Melbourne

Desks are divided with friendly green foliage

There’s a wonderful sense of openness to the space, which is accentuated by the natural timber finish. Sustainably forested timbers have been used throughout the building and special periscope-like lighting allows natural daylight into the building, directly above the desks where it is most needed. This is ideal for office work because it reduces both glare and the need for artificial lighting.

Birkenstock Melbourne

Large wooden ceiling fans help to create a comfortable environment


Birkenstock Head Office Melbourne 2

Pigeonholes are handy for storage and create interesting design elements in the wall. 

Birkenstock care about feet and they clearly care for their employees. 

Their headquarters is another example of where simple designs are often the best.

Photography: Peter Clarke

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