Keep It Simple - Decluttering Before Christmas

Declutter your wardrobe

At Plyroom, we believe in quality over quantity and we like to keep things simple. We’ve been thinking about ways to simplify the home environment. Here are five easy ideas!

Simplicity in the home gives you more time for the things you love. 

Do a value audit

It’s easy to hang on to stuff but one of the best ways to simplify your home is to hold on to only what you really value. 

Make a list of the items in your home that you value and then be brave enough to get rid of the rest. You can make digital copies of paperwork and receipts and give away things like clothes that you no longer need. Quality is always valued - cheap, quick fix things rarely make you smile.

Add indoor plants

Indoor plants help improve the air inside your home by absorbing toxins. This means they’re functional as well as beautiful! A Danish study also shows that natural elements like plants bring a calming quality to a room and help reduce stress. Yes please!
Apply a slow-release fertiliser every six months and don’t over-water them!

If you love it, use it

Some people dedicate storage space to ‘special occasion’ items, like ‘good cutlery’ or ‘guest towels’. If they’re good quality and you love them, use them every day and ditch the second-rate stuff. Why spend money on high quality designs if you can’t enjoy them every day? Why leave your best cutlery tucked away? 

Simplify your wardrobe 

You need a set a few ground rules and you have to be strong. Take everything out of your wardrobe and divide into three piles – yes, no and maybe. Look at the ‘maybe’ pile and ask yourself: Have I worn this in the past year? If no, it’s time to go. Do I feel good when I wear it? If no, it’s time to go. Be honest with yourself – it’s not always easy but it’s always the best measure.

Declutter the toy collection 
Here’s a stat for you –the average Australian child has more than 100 toys but most parents throw out or give away only five toys a year. Simplify their collection of toys by choosing ones that will be loved, long lasting and encourage imagination. You can get your kids to help with the decluttering but set the rules first - anything that is broken or missing a part won’t be missed for long. Any toys that are no longer used can be given away.
Opt for quality over quantity for long-lasting enjoyment.

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