Mention the name Amelia Fullarton to almost anyone in the creative realm these days and the statement, “Oh yeah I follow her on Instagram” will no doubt ensue. Her swoon worthy images of a peaceful life tucked away in the countryside of Byron Bay with her charming family is enough to make any female on the planet clucky. But she’s not about selling any lies… Amelia is lauded for her transparency and candour on social media, and has consequently become renowned for delivering a professional photography style of the same manner - shooting weddings, families, and product for some of Australia's most celebrated brands and publications.

Images from @ameliafullarton

What makes Amelia’s work so visually touching, and no doubt meaningful to those in front of the camera, is her natural eye for seeking out the subtle yet most substantial expressions of happy humans - love and connectedness.  Inevitably, she has landed in the arena of baby clothing, launching a new endeavour aptly named Millk ( alongside a fellow Mama, earlier in 2016.

Coupling her impeccable taste and simplicity with a humble and ethical mindset, this new venture is one we are wholly on board with here at Plyroom, and if it means more Amelia-esque style photographs of little cherubs in tonally excellent rompers then we support it all the more!

Images from Millk

If you had to give a summary of yourself and what you do to someone who had never heard of it before, what would you say?

I’m a Mother of two girls, photographer and co-founder of Children’s label, Millk.

What do you love about what you do?

That all three allow me to do what l truly love.

What were the motivations behind creating your brand and what did your world look like before its conception?

The motivation behind Millk was the need for everyday, practical, essential clothing we found difficult to find for our own children. That allowed our children to play easy - that could be worn over and over, passed down and handed around.

What themes, items or spaces do you love to work with most and why?

I like simple, easy and clean spaces.

Who or what do you think is the embodiment of simple and thoughtful living?

I think simple and thoughtful living is about knowing what you can’t live without, not about chucking everything out. What has importance and value in your life and what doesn’t.

How do you endeavour to embrace simplicity in your life?

I try to keep things in my home life as simple as l can. I find with two young children the house can very easily turn to chaos! Simplifying things makes it easier to stay organised and feel somewhat in control.

Do you have any daily rituals? What do they mean to you?

Always coffee in the mornings, usually with one or more of my close girlfriends. Its definitely become our ritual, it allows me to have a moment before work to have a laugh, relax and debrief with the ones that mean the most.

How do you create thoughtful and inspiring spaces to live and work in? What are your essentials?

Everything in my home has significant meaning to us, its a mixture of new and old. I look around and everything is very ‘us’, that’s a nice feeling.

What is your most treasured possession?

Old photos.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Shit happens..
It’ll be OK.

Who or what is your creative muse or iconic visionary?

I’m constantly inspired by everyday, REAL people.
But my Mum brought me up loving Princess Diana.

What are you currently:

Listening to: Either ‘Happy’ or ‘Let It Go’ about 50 times a day - someone save me!

Watching: The OA

Reading: I wish!

Learning: American Politics, cant help myself.

What are you looking forward to?

Baby #3 arriving in July :)

Interview: Rosie Fea
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