Hayball's Surry Hills Workplace

Hayball Sydney Studio

When we first discovered Australasian design practice Hayball we were in awe of two things.

Firstly, their honourable commitment to innovative, cohesive and sustainable design incited by a multi-disciplinary approach and holistic integration of social responsibility in their work. This is especially evident in the degree of consideration given to the people affected by their design, as well as their pro bono work to improve infrastructure in vulnerable communities.

Secondly, the fit out of their Sydney office completed in 2018.

With over 180 people working for Hayball in studios across east-coast Australia, their Sydney workplace serves as a prototype for future refurbishments within the company. A place for co-creation, wellbeing and inclusivity, the modern Surry Hills space is comprised of a series of settings designed to house all manner of workplace activities from the analogue to digital.

A place for co-creation, wellbeing and inclusivity...

Furthering the notion of inclusivity, the workplace is designed to cultivate a sense of community and, subsequently, experiential spaces were designed to welcome families and school groups - stimulating inquiry, engagement and delight.

As lovers of plywood and minimalism, we couldn’t look beyond the raw timber, use of natural materials and customised joinery. This minimalist interior design provides a clean foundation for the workplace bustle, whilst remaining calming to the eye.

We’re certainly feeling inspired for our own studio…

Project: Hayball 
Photography: Brett Boardman

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