How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Looking to embrace a personal, simpler approach to festive decorations? This simple Christmas wreath for your home or as a gift for your loved ones will fill your home with the sweet scent of blue gum and last year after year.

What you need

  • Wreath ring
  • Native leaves and dainty flowers (note: native leaves and flowers will dry more effectively and can be saved for next year’s wreath)
  • Floristry green stem tape
  • Floristry wire
  • Heavy duty scissors / floristry scissors
  • Ribbon or fishing wire

How to make your own minimalist Christmas wreath 

Step 1

Plan your wreath. Establish where you'd like each piece to sit prior to attaching any items to the metal ring.

Step 2

For flowers or objects (like a gum nut) wrap wire around stem and tape secure 

Step 3

Create your first bunch of leaves and/or leaves and flowers. Bind these to the ring by using floristry tape until secure. Simply tear tape when complete. Cut excess stem where necessary.

Step 4

Repeat step three in the same direction, ensuring to conceal the previous bunch’s green tape with each new addition to the wreath.

Step 5

When complete, add your final bunch in the opposite direction to the others. Tuck the stems behind the other foliage where possible to conceal the tape.

Step 6

Hide any green tape and thicken your wreath where needed with smaller leaves and branches, interweaving the stems and hiding the green tape as much as possible.

Step 7

Tie a ribbon or attach fishing wire to suspend your wreath on the front door or a wall within your home. We love placing ours in the hallway on our Hang on Piccolo Coat Rack.

Wreath Making Items​

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