Inspired by Loft Living: The Dream Cloud Loft Bed 3 Ways

Whilst the term 'loft living' evokes images of open-plan and high ceilinged warehouses, lofts and warehouses are also exemplars for small space design. When floor space is limited, mezzanine levels are often used to create additional work or sleeping space.


L: Loft For by ADN Architectures. R: Casa FWH by Jab Studio.


At Plyroom we design for a simpler way of living, with each piece innately versatile and flexible to maximise spaces and support small footprint living. Where floor space is compromised, often the only way us up. As such our kids beds are enduring favourites. Inspired by the architectural dynamism of loft living, our Dream Cloud Loft Bed is especially considered for its practicality and functionality.


The Dream Cloud Loft Bed: A bedroom solution for small spaces inspired by loft living


A transitional bunk bed


When space is limited room sharing is often inevitable. Whilst this is fundamental to the small-footprint philosophy there may come a time when siblings seek their own space. Our Singolo Single Bed can sit flush beneath the Dream Cloud creating a transitional bunk bed - perfect for the present yet ready to adapt with your family’s changing needs if siblings ever move into their own bedrooms.   


L: Dream Cloud Loft Bed with our Singolo Single Bed at Amelia Fullarton's Pine House Byron Bay. R: The Dream Cloud Loft Bed with ample space for play or study beneath. 


A Play Nook

The space beneath the loft bed is generous, with ample room for a play or reading nook. Consider filling this space with modern and minimal Scandinavian-inspired pieces - floor cushions, a cosy rug and storage, such as the Dedo Wooden Storage Box or Panca Bambina Toy Box to house toys and favourite books. Akin to the concept of New Affiliates Bed-Stuy Loft, a raised sleeping quarters frees room for activities and life below.


L & R: Bed-Stuy Loft by New Affiliates 


A study space


When your child is old enough for autonomous homework, the void beneath the Dream Cloud can transition into a space-efficient study. Generously sized to fit the Scrivette Desk, a minimalist micro-office will create a calm and independent place to work.

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