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Scandinavian design is as driven by pragmatism as it is aesthetic. At Plyroom we subscribe to the principal of ‘form follows function’, whereby the design of an item should be influenced first and foremost by its purpose.

‘By honestly applying 'form follows function", industrial designers had the potential to put their clients out of business. Some objects made too durable would prevent sales of replacements. From the standpoint of functionality, some products are simply unnecessary’ - source here.

Bleak as it may seem, this is the reality of mass-market design. Intentionally short lifespans, unnecessarily complicated products, poor craftsmanship.   

Why are we overlooking beauty in simplicity?

Why are we consuming more than we really need?

Why aren’t we investing in quality that will last longer?

Whilst function, quality craftsmanship and durability are intrinsic to each Plyroom piece, we are also driven to cultivate happiness in the home. This brings us back to Scandinavian design; the ultimate example of harmony between practicality and beauty. 

We find there is no better place to invest in quality furniture than a nursery and child’s bedroom, where safety, durability, flexibility and longevity are essential.

Inspired by nordic design and principals of form follows function, we have curated our most popular pieces of Scandinavian-inspired modern nursery furniture.

Nordic nursery: designer nursery furniture

Ava Lifestages Cot Modern Nursery Furniture A4 Drawers Modern Designer Nursery Furniture Dedo Wooden Storage Box Modern Furniture Melbourne Panca Bambina Wooden Storage Seat
Ava Lifestages Cot A4 Drawers Dedo Wooden Storage Seat Panca Bambina Toy Box and Storage Seat

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