Plyroom 2022

If we’re lucky, home is a safe harbour, a place of retreat where we cultivate our most important relationships: those with ourselves, family, friends and beloved animals. 

During lockdowns, our homes became our little worlds, a singular place that was made to support all elements of life. It forced us to live in every corner of our homes, becoming closer to its comforts and discomforts, adapting to our spaces, and in some cases, reimagining them. The consideration given to our homes and our domestic lives has deepened, our awareness of work-life dynamics has been heightened. Some of us have made big life changes, and others are looking to. 

For us, all of this has reaffirmed the values of our business and given further meaning to the work we do. We’re as driven as ever to create furniture that honours craftsmanship and embodies simple, authentic design. Our lives are complicated; we believe that our homes need not be. 

We’re still working with highly-skilled designers and craftspeople both locally here in Melbourne and over in Italy who share a reverence for exceptionally-crafted furniture. We choose to partner with these artisans because of their expertise and because they are as particular about the origin of materials and quality as we are. We look forward to sharing more about our work with these small makers in the year to come. 

While all Plyroom pieces are designed and made using a mix of traditional and highly technological methods, the quality of our products and our service is handled by human hands and eyes, not machines. The human approach we take to design, manufacturing and service is an essential part of our business and something that won’t change. Naturally, we’re careful that all the materials we use are sustainably sourced and that every piece is—above all— made to endure. 

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It’s so important to us that our work at Plyroom reflects a set of values that we’re proud of. We will continue to make furniture and offer accessories that contribute to comfortable, healthy and functional environments, pieces that become the beautiful foundations around which daily life unfolds.


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