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We are big believers in travel. Travel opens your eyes to new perspectives, helps you grow, reminds you what’s truly important and leaves you with incredible memories. We’re also big fans of trying out new experiences in new cities, which is why an authentic Sushi Making Workshop in Japan is on the top of our list.



In Japan, sushi making is a serious business. Sushi chefs can pay thousands of dollars and train for years at prestigious schools in the quest to master the art. Chefs wholeheartedly live and breathe the art of making sushi; the process is one of passion and precision.



For travellers visiting Tokyo, there are many sushi-making workshops and courses you can experience. Our favourites are hosted by Tsukiji. Located in the centre of the Tsukiji Fish Market (the world’s largest fish market), the Tsukiji Sushi Insider Workshop teaches you the importance of using fresh ingredients and how to choose them. This process is called ‘Mekiki’ which means ‘judgement by eye’ in Japanese. You make your very own sushi from the ingredients purchased at the fish market on the day and you get to enjoy your creations over a glass of Sake at the end of the workshop.

Tsukiji also offers a Tsukiji Tuna Auction Tour. Yes, you heard right, tuna auction. Starting early (and by early, we mean 3am), you line up for the infamous Tuna Auction, learning about the history and culture from your guide. You witness the tuna auction while your guide translates what’s happening for you (if you don’t speak Japanese, of course), and afterwards, you wander through the fish market finishing up with breakfast at one of the freshest Japanese restaurants.

Travel is the perfect time to get back to basics and recognise how simple living can lead to more meaningful experiences and greater joy. Choosing ingredients by hand from local markets, spending time embracing creativity and making an incredible meal from start to finish. These are moments we can often take for granted when life gets busy and overwhelming. That’s why travel is the perfect time to celebrate little moments and get out of our comfort zone to welcome new ways of seeing.

We’d love to hear about travel moments that have stayed with you. Have you had an incredible travel experience you’ll never forget? Share it with us below.


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