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Small footprint living is a term we embrace wholeheartedly at Plyroom. Not only does it refer to an ideology of sustainability and environmental awareness, but its values are at the heart of what we do and translated through our very own vision.

By definition, small footprint living is the ecological impact of human activities. Small footprint is often talked about when considering the design and size of housing and apartments. Housing that is built on this value is, naturally, smaller, with a sense of community and essentialism. In Melbourne, residential-based property developer
Assemble is just one of the companies who are working towards a vision of sustainable cities. We love the work they do and you can find out more about them here.

Our founder, Elise Heslop, is no stranger to small footprint living. When she moved to Italy and into a small apartment with her family, she quickly understood the value of quality design and versatile furniture with a small footprint that allowed for simpler living. This was how Plyroom was born.

The Plyroom values below contribute to our vision of considered design that allows for simpler living with a small footprint.

Module Grid House, Tetsuo Yamaji Architects


We believe in paring things back to get to what’s really important. Our collection of furniture and homewares is beautiful, intimate, and always thoughtful in our approach. Our plywood pieces are easy to assemble with unique joinery systems that allow each piece to arrive at your home or workspace flat-packed which results in lower transport emissions, building on our value of sustainability.


We believe in timeless additions to your home that you won’t need to replace after a year – the kind of pieces that you’re able to enjoy for years to come. Quality craftsmanship is essential to our process. Our products are finished by hand and are available in limited runs only. This keeps our footprint small and conscious.

Small House, Hitotomori - image via Deezen


At the core of small footprint living is the concept of sustainability. It’s easy to get caught up in what we ‘want’ based on the information we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. When you strip away the want and get back to what’s essential, and what truly adds value to your life, you’re able to make considered and fulfilling choices that reflect who you really are and the life you really want to live. For Plyroom, sustainability is not only about environmental awareness (all our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests) but about creating a sustainable life for you and your family.

Archi+ Carbon Positive Houses, Archiblox


As family dynamics and home use change, it’s important for our furniture to be versatile and flexible too. Our products are built with these virtues in mind. The Ava Cot is the perfect example. A simple 2-height cot that allows for one side to be removed transforming it into an easily accessible bed for a little one. Turn it upside down and it transforms again into a beautiful desk. As your child grows, so does your furniture, allowing you to focus on what’s really important.

Timeless, considered and quality design is an investment in creating a home, and a life, that brings you meaning. Small footprint living that doesn’t compromise on quality, design and delight, is our vision.

Top image: Cottesloe by Modscape

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