In the ever so elegant words of Rainer Maria Rilke, “It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”

What a truth there is to be acknowledged in that statement… Springtime undeniably and deservingly demands a reputation as the extravagantly artful, poetic season of expressed creativity. It’s like opening night as our surroundings expose us to newness in their own inimitable and glorious exhibition, a showcase of all that is good and beautiful in the world. The nature of Spring is a muse to many. It lends wisdom of true design and is where fullness of colour, form and process can be understood more intricately, and perhaps it even speaks of a way of living that is translatable to our own way of going about daily life.

Left image: Robert Ullman, right image: Hugo Comte.

It offers a chance to see the simplicity and sense of what living in mindful awareness of ourselves and where we stand can be like. I once had a friend describe the feeling of lightness within herself as being similar to that of ‘the first day of Spring.’ She went on to share joyful recollections of ‘taking off your jumper and just feeling the sun kiss your skin’ and how this was the gift of becoming free again. I think the beautiful sentiment in this example is that it all comes back to that feeling. Once Spring arrives, our senses come alive again. Every corner we turn boasts it’s own fragrant combination, warm winds gently remind us of the hair on our arms, birds sing endless songs of gratitude and our taste buds indulge in new flavours of freshness that the land has offered up.

Left image: Petra Bindel, right image:  Hannah Lemholt.

A quote once spoken by Yoko Ono concludes with the sentiment ‘winter passes and one remembers one's perseverance.’ What a beautiful reward, as we come to lighten our load and shed those layers of mental heaviness gathered in the colder months. To us at Plyroom, this season eludes to the value of living simply and minimally. In a way, the often irksome task of ‘spring cleaning’ has the potential to become a pleasant and welcomed way of living to carry through all seasons, and with it bring the exuberant and freeing rewards of more space, creativity, clarity and calm.

Left image: Pinterest, right image: Kathrin Koschitzki.

By Rosie Fea

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