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Once the realm of forward-thinking organisations and a massive work perk, working from home has well and truly moved into the vernacular. Better high speed internet, digital connectivity and greater comfort globally with remote working has seen the historic shift borne out of the Covid-19 pandemic become our new norm. 

Work from home edit  Scrivette Desk and Big Nest Cabinet 

With this transformation in how we structure our work physically we have seen an evolution of the home office and all it means. Where the home office or ‘study’ was once a sacred space behind closed doors for the lucky few, the work space at home now infiltrates living areas and shared zones, motivating many of us to rethink our spaces and the furniture that needs to simultaneously meet the needs of work time and family time.

Work from Home Scrivette Desk Oak House & Shibui Shelving System 

We have compiled a collection of pieces that meet the need for flexibility in our spaces. Whether you have your own dedicated space for work, or are sharing your workspace with housemates or other family members, having a functional, multi-purpose and above all comfortable space is key.

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Work from Home Edit  Scrivette Desk

  Scrivette Birch with Drawers
Yamazaki Single Handled Storage


 Looking for more WFH inspiration? Explore our Journal article on keeping a productive workspace and healthy headspace. 

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