Sustainable Forestry

What is Sustainable Forestry?

At Plyroom, we wholeheartedly believe in sustainable forestry methods in order to maintain and support our climate and ecosystem. All wood used in the production of Plyroom products is sourced from sustainably managed and harvested forests and we are committed to a sustainable and eco-friendly ideology.

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What is sustainable forest management?

Sustainable forest management refers to the creation and management of forests in order to preserve their environmental, social and economic values.

At its most basic level, sustainable forest management ensures we have timber now and in the future for a variety of uses. The concept is founded on the idea that we are able to use materials without tipping the environmental and social balance of the forest.

Through sustainable forest management, the forest is maintained, biodiversity is protected and great care is taken to ensure it remains a healthy ecosystem while allowing for the production of timber for use. When forests are certified as sustainable, the ecosystem, wildlife and environment are conserved to the best of its ability. Sustainable forest management should also take into consideration the social and cultural values of the land, respecting and recognising the rights of traditional landowners and indigenous people.

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Why support sustainably managed forests?

Not only are forests beautiful parts of our land and rich habitats for many animals and insects, but they’re also an important part of the earth’s ecosystem. Trees play a vital role in our climate system by absorbing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. They’re also essential to the conservation of clean water and they’re significant contributors to our own sense of balance and wellbeing as humans. Nature has been proven to be a stimulus for helping reduce stress, boost energy and encourage a sense of mental and emotional renewal.

When we choose to purchase or use sustainably sourced wood, we are supporting methods that recognise the importance of our ecosystems and the moral and ethical implications involved. By doing so, we are living by our values of conscious consumption and embracing small footprint living that supports our growing and changing environment.

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