How to: Add Colour with Minimalist Furniture

When styling minimalist furniture, us everyday folk and interior stylists alike herald neutrals, white and natural woodwork. A simple palette is inoffensive, evokes visual lightness and is more likely to endure time and fleeting trends.

However, minimalist furniture and whites - though the likeliest of companions - can often lack the warm, humanistic element necessary in the home.

Ruth Welsby shares how to pair minimalist furniture with colour

Certainly not shy of colour, we speak with Ruth Welsby, Melbourne-based creative director and stylist, how the minimalist-at-heart can integrate colour in harmony with their modern designer furniture pieces.

"When people think about a ‘minimalist’ space their thoughts often drift to white walls and neutral schemes but I’m happy to report you can achieve a beautiful pared back look with a broader palette. A quiet colour scheme has a restrained quality to it perfect for the minimalist at heart like Haymes’ gentle Mimosa Leaf.

For your walls opt for smudgy, muted colours referencing nature and paint the trim the same colour as the walls. Nothing wants to jump out or shout for attention in a minimalist scheme so stick to a limited palette. Overall keep the tonality of the space low-contrast and layer in tactile, natural textures to the room in earthy tones to create a warm, relaxing environment."

"Nothing wants to jump out or shout for attention in a minimalist scheme so stick to a limited palette."

Ruth styled the recent Haymes campaign featuring our beautiful, Melbourne-made Shibui mid shelf. A nod to Japanese aesthetic and the recent Japandi movement, our Shibui furniture exemplifies visual lightness with natural Tasmanian oak and pressed birch, spacious voids and simple lines. This minimalist piece is elevated against the deep, sultry green of Haymes’ Mimosa Leaf.

Inspired by Ruth's advice, here are our picks minimalist furniture pieces that pair-back beautifully with a restrained, deeper palette...

Our favourite minimalist furniture and modern bedroom furniture pieces that pair perfectly with colour

Sweden Storage Vessel Modern Furniture Melbourne Dedo Wooden Storage Box Modern Furniture Melbourne Shibui Collection Melbourne Designer Furniture Flat Out Queen Bed Japandi Modern Furniture Melbourne
Sweden Storage Vessel Dedo Wooden Storage Box Shibui furniture Flat Out Queen Bed


Creative Direction Ruth Welsby
Photography Martina Gemmola 

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