Virtues of Flatpack as a Concept in Sustainable Furniture

Over the course of the Plyroom journey there have quite honestly been times spent fraught with self doubt and questioning in regards to the innovation and idealism of bringing furniture that is flat packed to the Australian design market. ‘Flat packers’ are commonly regarded as outliers, and thanks to self-assembly originator Ikea, this stereotype has in the past proven fairly tough to eradicate from a consumer’s perspective. More so in the boutique furniture sector, which boasts stylish, long term ‘investment’ pieces.

However, rather than this being seen as reason for trepidation, we have come to embrace being a company that can bring something different to this market as a virtue of honour. Not just aesthetically, but in the respect of creating forward motion and change in the awareness of consumer culture and our responsibility for the environment, without compromising on quality and style. Our pieces have been designed to offer long lasting reliability and ease of construction, which we believe certainly makes them ‘investment worthy’ and so too is a design concept that ensures that your Plyroom pieces can move with you wherever you go.

The green credentials of flat-packed furniture bring to light the notion of ‘maximum resource usage,  maximum function’ as it cuts down on size, which means less shipping costs and further reduces a company’s carbon footprint. Our source material is sustainably forested birch, which also brings an added bonus to the planet-friendly aspect of the creation and delivery process.

We choose to heartily own the function and features of our flat-pack designs as a proud point. And we are hopeful that in doing so we speak our ethos more authentically, as opposed to option B of ‘going with the stream’ and concealing or denying our point of difference!

Take a peek at the simple assemblage...


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