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Is it possible to be kindred spirits with someone you have never met?

I came across Meghan Plowman in the early days of Plyroom. When Meghan’s images and her thoughtful words came up on my instagram feed I experienced a giddy moment of connection.  I felt like her images were the perfect expression of the way I wanted our Plyroom pieces to feel. It was then that I knew I needed to get in touch and find a way to do something together. Fast forward 5 years and I am proud to have our locally-made furniture in Meghan's home. 

Looking at Meghan’s work and reading her thoughts on working in a creative industry, I feel like she and I have so much in common, (though let me assure you she’s the only one of us who knows how to take an incredible photo!)  A self-taught photographer and stylist, her work speaks for itself. Her style is rich and textural, and conveys a sense of home that is relatable, beautiful and, most importantly, human.

I’m excited to have this talented woman working with us as our brand ambassador. She presents our products in a way that shows that Plyroom pieces can be loved in all homes, regardless of whether they are minimalist, traditional or that something wonderful in between.

Elise x


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With textured walls in natural hues and diffused light, Meghan's home instantly feels serene and welcoming.  

Can you tell us about your journey as a contemporary photographer and a little insight into your creative process?


I have my Dad to thank for becoming a photographer in the first place. He had a number of his images around the house growing up and as normal as it was to seem them daily, I was intrigued by both them and his Nikon he took most places. When I was old enough to be trusted with it he taught me the basics (and how to record my exposure settings for each image - in a notebook!), and more importantly how not to be afraid of exploring and to celebrate everyday subjects and their compositions. Fast forward 15 years and I still keep an eye out wherever I go! I have a background in branding and design and whilst I believe this played a huge role in developing my eye for line and form, it was through my sidestep into photo styling where I really found my path and tribe of people to help steer me behind the lens where I love honing my art of seeing. My most important lesson over these last few years has been that it's no point in trying to be someone else in this job. It's not about the gear but about the final image, how you see it and how it makes someone feel. 

"I have typically been drawn to those quieter moments of light and habitats that show a sense of life."

I think my approach to photography is the same no matter what I'm shooting. From an interesting shadow, to a kitchen interior, a portrait or a ceramic vessel, my aim is to create a beautiful image. I've realised my instinct lies in the composing of an image; if it's not sitting right with my eye I will move the subject or move myself. I think it's important to listen to your gut and trust your eye. Subject-wise I have typically been drawn to those quieter moments of light and habitats that show a sense of life. My belief in mindful, original design has led me to work alongside a more specific group of businesses which has really helped me identify what I want from my work and where I'm going. In better knowing who I am, I have certainly evolved in both subject and style of work and I hope that journey continues.

 Meghan Plowman Big Nest Storage Home

What creatives are you most inspired by?


If you were to take a look at my following on Instagram it's predominantly architects, artists, photographers, European product design studios, anything modernism and the odd hashtag of a hero artist from history! Generally speaking, I'm so encouraged by those people who don't define themselves and have had a mutli-disicplined journey. Doing a bunch of different work is all too often shamed but if you love and are good at a few things, then do them! If I were to name a few creatives whose messages of brave creativity I keep close to mind they would be artist Ellsworth Kelly, photographer and stylist Anita Calero, artist Isamu Noguchi, and architect and engineer Tadao Ando.

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Meghan Plowman Plyroom Storage Living Room

What does it mean to come home to a calm, balanced space for you?


My mind can be an overactive space, so it's been important to create a space of rest at home. To me that sense of calm comes from a few things. It means pared back furniture and objects with clean lines, keepsakes we love that bring joy, and surrounding ourselves with a colour and textural palette of ease in earthy tones and natural materials. I also love that our little place is old and has imperfections and with it a sense of character. It reminds me that perfection isn't real and to embrace the unique. As important as the interior, we have kept a large backyard as somewhat of a sanctuary, the perfect place to reconnect with the land and encourage us to live outdoors as much as we can. 


How do your Plyroom pieces resonate or reflect that feeling in your home?


When we first unpacked our Cabine and placed in our front entrance, my husband and I both agreed that now the space felt like home. With its clean and linear edges and birch finish, it reflects perfectly that sense of calm and a place for the mind to rest. It's a no-fuss piece with a quiet confidence and that balance of beautiful form and function that has me loving it the more I use it daily. I think that quiet confidence is a trait of all Plyroom pieces we have - strong in structure yet designed with beautiful restraint.

Meghan Plowman Plyroom Flor Pot Plant Living Australian Made minimalist furniture Cabine Meghan Plowman


Inspired by Meghan's textural aesthetic? Here are a few items to help create the look in your home...

Furniture and homewares inspired by the home of Meghan Plowman...


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