Rye Slow Beach Cottage

Equinox. Where day and night are equal duration all over the planet. It is the dawn of a new seasonal cycle and reconnects us with the natural world. The air smells sweet, the sun's warmth is a gift and people smile like all is right with the world.

This period of renewal often coincides with a seaside escape for our family, where we head to Victoria's coast for a few days of simple living, cooking and beach walks. 

Rye Victoria

We are extremely fortunate to have an escape - a cottage on the Mornington Peninsula that is just big enough for our family of four (and the occasional friend). It is simple and cosy, and feels like home. Our cottage in Rye is all about keeping it simple, creating memories and having an easy escape from the city.

Rye Slow Beach Cottage

This is the place where we take a break from the busyness of life - work, kids, school events, social activity, the juggle - and reconnect as a family.

Recently our friends at In Bed visited for a cup of tea and a peak inside.  Much of what makes this space warm is the hand me down games and books, items collected on travels and lack of fanfare. It is the perfect place for a digital detox and taking time out. We love sharing our home to visitors who appreciate the simple things. If you are craving time to slow down and a quick getaway is order you can find out more here

Images by Tasha Tylee & Sophie Vanderdrift 

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