The Art of Furoshiki

The Art of Furoshiki

Furoshiki In Bed LInen Napkins


Furoshiki embraces the philosophy of sustainable living. This beautiful and ingenious art allows one object to have many uses by simply folding and tying the cloth in a different way.

When it comes to gift-wrapping furoshiki is the perfect way to convey thoughtfulness and courtesy through the care taken in the choice of wrapping and in the way the fabric is folded and tied. 

While Japanese culture is not alone in using fabric wrapping, Furoshiki is specific to Japanese culture for the way in which it represents ceremony, beauty, a considered approach to the everyday and an appreciation of the multifunctional.

One furoshiki cloth can be used for:

  • wrapping a gift
  • a bag for shopping
  • a picnic hamper
  • a tablecloth
  • household decor
  • a scarf, belt or bandana
  • wrapping clothes when travelling

Furoshiki practice

Image credit: Japanese Department of Environment 

Including some instructions on how to tie a furoshiki as part of your gift is a nice touch, and it's also great to give the person a demonstration to show them just how easy it is. This ensures your furoshiki has a high chance of being passed on and spreading and eco-friendly fabric wrapping message on its journey.

Furoshiki In Bed

Image credit: In Bed

We love using In Bed linen napkins as part of our furoshiki practice for our special gifts – which are made from offcuts of their bedding and come in sets of four – as once unwrapped, they become part of the gift themselves. There are many ways to practice Furoshiki, and the most simple basic carry-wrap (Otsukai Tsutsumi) takes only seconds, a neater and more efficient way to wrap than paper. 




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