Baby Showers: A thoughtful gift guide

A modern baby shower gift guide with nursery furniture for expecting mothers

Spring in Melbourne is filled with the sweetness of magnolias, white blossoms on wiry trees, and gentle sunlight hinting of a warm summer ahead.
The changes around us have us awakening from our hibernation and reminded new life.

This week we are exploring baby showers and thoughtful gift giving. These days it seems modest baby showers have been surpassed by extravagant affairs. While it’s certainly fun to engage in such a furore, there is virtue in paring back kitsch gifts in place of something more pragmatic.

Mother, photographer and co-founder of, Amelia Fullarton has just welcomed a third daughter into her beautiful Byron-based family. Captivated by her natural and understated aesthetic, we had to ask Amelia her essentials in preparation for the new baby.

What Baby Shower items were on your list for baby #3?
  • A soft baby blanket (my favourites are, of course the Millk one l have and an old Fog Linen one which was a gift from my partner when Aggy was born).

  • Muslin Wraps.

  • .. and you can’t go wrong with some cute baby bonnets / beanies for when they first arrive!


What do you think are the most practical things for every nursery?
  • Books, books and more books.

  • Linen, l adore my Camomile London cot size quilt, we use this on the floor too for them to kick around on.

  • Personal touches (framed photos, mobiles, wooden animals for the shelves), it is the simple, tiny details that make a nursery special.

Natural fibres blankets, meaningful items and practical pieces are key for Amelia. Feeling inspired, we have curated a selection of practical yet beautiful gifts for new parents.

1) Wooden Toys

Our Fanny & Alexander toys are sustainably crafted in Argentina. Their humble and timeless designs encourage imaginative play, problem-solving and mental focus for young children.

Fanny and Alexander Sustainable Wooden Children's Toys

2) Hand Quilted Linen

Minimal and classic with a touch of nostalgia, the Camomile London collection features effortless bedding for a nursery and child’s bedroom. These pieces are lovingly made by artisans with hand-finished details for the little one to snuggle in!

Camomile London Hand Quilted Children's Linen

3) Practical Storage

New parents have enough to worry about... Help to simplify their space with thoughtful storage solutions that can house linen, laundry, toys and newly acquired items. Our range of wall-mounted, cabinet or storage vessel pieces are versatile for any nursery.

Modern nursery storage

4) A piece to grow with them

Our Ava Lifestages Cot is a thoughtful investment piece designed to grow with a child from birth into adulthood. It transforms from an adjustable 2-height cot into a junior bed and a modern desk, all without the need to store extra pieces or spare parts.

The Plyroom Ava Lifestages Cot

5) Whimsical Additions

These playful Muskhane cushions and mushrooms are made from sustainably sourced fibres in the Katmandu Valley of Nepal. Fairtrade and handcrafted, give a gift that transforms the lives of others. 

Muskhane handmade felt cushions and ethical toys


Still undecided?
Gift your loved one a Plyroom gift card and allow them to choose from our range of crafted accessories, childrens' toys and Plyroom pieces.

Image credit: Amelia Fullarton

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