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Posted on August 06 2017

In today’s retail environment it is often that we, as consumers, are disassociated from the supply chain, unaware of the processes undertaken to obtain the products we so blissfully consume. A handful of companies are now practicing transparency and ethical production as a counter movement to this paradigm. At Plyroom we work with designers and crafters both locally and around the world to create furniture and accessories that bring families flexibility, enhanced spaces, simplicity and happiness. On our own pursuit of transparency, we’re delighted to share with you the stories of the small scale and likeminded designers and crafters we work with. 


Design and sustainability are two words that come to mind when describing Paolo Cogliati’s philosophy and work. The architect turned furniture designer is a leader in the European ecological design movement and his creations have been celebrated across the world with his designs featured at the Design Museum of London, Milan’s Salone de Mobile and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, among others. For Plyroom, Cogliati designs furniture that is minimal, functional and, above all, sustainable. His furniture is created from sustainably forested European birch plywood – a material he loves to work with for its strength, flexibility, lightness and simplicity.


Castello Bunk Bed Ava Lifestages Cot A4 Drawers Dream Cloud Loft Bed


Celebrating a heritage spanning almost 100 years, Milan-based family business Villa designs furniture and interior objects that take inspiration from the conceptual to create something beautifully simple. Aside from furniture Villa also crafts percussion instruments, a practice that has influenced the form and structure of their distinctively curved woodwork. According to Villa, ‘The choice of form and shape is born within a long tradition of craftsmanship and artistic concepts based on our proprietary wood-bending technology but is also influenced by modern design concepts and the simplicity of Nordic style.’ Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, the Villa Home Collection uses materials that allow for freedom, playfulness and creativity while producing lasting pieces for the home. Villa Home Collection’s designs are undeniably graceful, elegant and made to fit any space. 


Dedo Storage Box Settanta Coffee Table Bellantonio Rotating Drawers Oh Side Table



Founded in Buenos Aires by Delfina Aguilar Benitez, Fanny & Alexander creates sustainable, hand-crafted toys that evoke a sense of nostalgia for a simpler way of life. Made by local carpenters from sustainably sourced materials, Fanny & Alexander aims to inspire an understanding of the concept of value in children and foster an appreciation for their belongings through keepsake pieces that are designed to hold unique memories and be passed down from generation to generation. Benitez is opposed to the idea that children should only have access to disposable and mass-produced toys and instead, inspires a sense of gratitude for beauty through simplicity.  


Heirloom Toolset Wooden Camera with Zoom Function
Heritage Binoculars
Wooden Camera with Zoom Function


Broste Copenhagen is one of Scandinavia’s leading interior brands. Based in Copenhagen it originates back to 1955. They have a long tradition of travelling the world for inspiration and create a fine balance between Nordic tradition and modern function. We stock a selection of Broste's Esrum collection, humble and organic in form - ideal for the pared back kitchen. 

As well as high standards in interior design, Broste Copenhagen set equally high standards in social responsibility. They run their business in accordance with the United Nations Ten Global Compact Principles that safeguard workers’ rights and environmental considerations, and function as a defence against corruption.

Esrum Dessert Plate Esrum Bowl Esrum Dinner Plate Esrum Dinner Plate


The handmade knot began its subtle influence on founder, Olivia Smith when she was studying Textile Design at the International Institute of Design in Milan. Nodi designs and creates handmade woven goods with a focus on unique textures. They celebrate the beautiful imperfections the hand crafted process creates. Their craftsmanship, all natural fibres and considered, imperfect textures work together to create a tactile rug and cushion that adds warmth and character to a space.


Duckegg Linen and Grey Felted Wool Cushion Image credit: The Design Chaser



In addition to European and South American designers, we work intimately with small-scale manufacturers and designers in Melbourne to produce exclusive pieces with an even smaller carbon footprint. Plyroom founder Elise has always been passionate about flexible design and sustainable production. She works with Melbourne makers to bring her ideas on simple living and uncomplicated form to life. These pieces are manufactured less than ten kilometres from our Northcote studio using sustainably sourced materials and finishes. Maintaining close relationships with these manufactures allows a level of quality control impossible with large-scale production. Elise personally checks each product (even picking it them up if they fit in the car!). Explore our Melbourne-made pieces here:

Big Nest Storage Cabinet Peggy Peg Board Shibui Drinks Shelf  Hang On Piccolo Coat Rack 

Elise in Italy with Paolo at the Totem warehouse


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