Heirloom Toolset



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Perfect for the budding architect or builder.

Fanny & Alexander is committed to enriching the lives of children with toys that are beautiful, simple and enduring.

  • Utterly analogue Fanny & Alexander's Heirloom Toolset encourages fantasy, imagination, creativity, and ingenuity.
  • They also foster manual skills at the stage of life -infancy - when that is most critical.
  • This heirloom quality toy creates a nostalgic notion of play.
  • Recommended for ages 3+. 
  • Made entirely by hand in Argentina in limited quantities. 
  • Made from Guatambu and Incense wood. No threatened wood species are used in these products.
  • These wooden toys are crafted to endure. It is possible to use a small amount of beeswax for finishing if desired, and if the camera is stained we like the idea of a child sanding it to remove the top layer of stained wood.

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