Inspired by Comma Byron Bay | 5 tips for a calm space

Comma Byron Bay Day Spa with modern interior design and furniture

Nestled in the heart of the Northern Rivers, Comma Byron Bay is a haven that 'stands for taking a moment to breathe, regenerate, find calm, and begin again'... a philosophy we align with at Plyroom.

Comma owner Susie McIntosh has worked with interior designer Elise Fotheringham to create a space defined by natural light, organic materials and visual lightness.

Absorbed by the beautiful design at Comma, we began to ponder what constitutes a tranquil space… The sort of space you anticipate after a long day, knowing a sense of calm will overcome you the minute you step through the door.

Comma Byron Bay is a modern day spa in Byron Bay

Inspired by Comma Byron Bay, here are our 5 tips for a calm space


Keep furnishings, visual stimulation, and clutter to a minimum. A simple space is innately less stressful for a number of reasons. Among them, it is easier to keep clean and prevents unnecessary distraction. Storage and a thoughtful selection of quality furniture are imperative. Discover our range of modern minimalist furniture here

Natural light

Soft, diffused natural light is gentle on the eyes and calming. Ensure that harsh glare and radiating afternoon sun is mellowed by sheer curtains or shutters.


As discussed in our journal entry, Nature Therapy, welcoming nature into your space can improve emotional state, reduce negative mood states, reduce distraction, increase creativity, and improve task-performance. Our Flor Planter and Shibui Drinks Shelf are ideal for featuring indoor plants. 

Organic materials  

As in Japanese design practice, integration of raw materials such as wood, organic cotton fibers, cane, and stone are aesthetically soothing. We also encourage the use of sustainably sourced materials, such as the FSC certified pressed Birch used in our Plyroom products. Explore environmentally friendly furniture here


Light a quality pure soy-wax candle or essential oils in the space. Certain natural oils in themselves have calming properties including lavender, sandalwood, or chamomile.

Get the look

Inspired by the simple forms, neutral palettes and earthy textures of Comma Byron Bay, view our curation to bring a bit of calm to your every day.

Inspired by Comma Byron Bay with the Plyroom Flor Planter and Settanta Coffee Table

Discover the curation here

Image credit: Andy McPherson for Honey Travel and Lauren of Lozidaze.

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