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Plyroom Furniture for the Home Office Featured in The Design Chaser


With work from home on everyone’s mind, Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser penned a fitting article this week titled ‘Staying in | Working from home now and in the future’, where she explores a number of functional desks and supporting elements for a productive workspace - touching on desk accessories, lighting and ergonomic seating. 

We believe functionality and good design are inextricably linked, and so we delighted in the many pragmatic and beautiful pieces in Michelle’s feature. 

On our Scrivette desk she writes, ‘If you need to go compact with the desk, and let's face it, many of us do when it comes to our home, look for desks that have built-in storage elements. The Scrivette Desk by Plyroom has a lid that allows for access to the storage space within the desk, rather than losing bits and pieces at the back of a drawer. Beautifully crafted from Baltic birch and Tasmanian oak, the materials exemplify a Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi: simplicity and quietude incorporating rustic beauty.’ 


Plyroom Furniture for the Home Office Featured in The Design Chaser

For many, the past few months have been an experiment in telecommuting which has largely proved effective and productive. So much so, companies like Twitter have announced employees can work from home ‘forever’. 

It appears the home office is here to stay. 

As we transition towards this new reality our design philosophies of minimalism and pragmatism prove more relevant than ever, with the need for a well-planned space and smart workstation imperative if you’re in the business of getting things done. 

In the coming weeks we’re launching two new pieces, designed especially with the home office in mind. If you’d like to be the first to see them as they are released, please join our mailing list here.

In the meantime, as you adapt to life’s new challenges, we too will continue to bring you solutions and inspiration to address the ever changing needs of daily life. 

So, if working from home is your new reality, our pieces are here for you to create a functional space for productivity and focus, but also a space that feels comfortable and calm in true Plyroom form. 

Discover our complete range of office furniture and storage pieces to get you going here.

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