A Minimalist's Dream: Kellett House at Northcote

As we’ve become adjusted to the realities and rhythms of life inside, our perception of home has been changing. Whereas before one’s home could be treated like a dormitory - somewhere to plonk after a long day at work, or breeze through breakfast in the morning - it’s now at the epicentre of everyday life. It hosts all of our work, play and rest. 

As such, many of us are reevaluating where and how we live, especially if the future holds more times like these. 

Whilst we’ve always coveted a ‘calm home’, the pressures of time inside balancing kids / partners / work / life / pets / and so forth, has reaffirmed the need for a simple and considered space. 

We love the simplicity of built in cabinetry and white tiling detail. Featuring our Settanta Coffee Table.  

Today we turn to Kellett House at Northcote as a glowing example of a calm home designed by C.Kairouz Architects, Melissa Vukadina and Kimberly Barker, and built by JBMgroup. 

The design - a minimalist’s dream - can serve as a source of inspiration for our own spaces. Principals like adhering to a neutral palette, including ample storage, maximising natural light, avoiding clutter, and choosing to fill our spaces with fewer (but more quality pieces) are simple but impactful. 

Less is abundantly more in this expansive space filled with only essential pieces like our Flat Out Queen Bed and Shibui Small (x2).

We understand that times are difficult for many as we adapt to life inside. Even if home some days feels like a prison, we hope you can delight in the beauty of, and find inspiration for your own calm home from Kellett St. 

We speak with interior stylist Kimberly Barker about the project… 

Tell us about the team behind the project

We are a group of passionate creatives made up from JBMgroup and their wives. Together we have united together to use each other’s strengths to build a dream home we are all so proud of. 

The house has a really calming atmosphere. How did you achieve this?

All of our homes reflect a calming nature so it was inevitable that Kellett street would only reflect the same quality. We believe that a calm atmosphere comes from a combination of what materials are selected for the home as this sets the tone and then is elevated by furniture. It was very important to us through the planning stages to create a home of calm and this was consciously always at the back of our mind when making any decision throughout the project. 

What inspired the material selection?

Nature and a neutral, tonal palette.

What's your favourite room?

The lounge room has got to be our favourite room as it has the best positioning to view and enjoy the subtle curves, the gorgeous creamy ply kitchen, the outside world and our favourite finger tiles featured on the fire place. The void and windows that surround this space give you a sanctuary feeling and allows the mind to be switched off from the outside world. We were very passionate about ensuring the outcome of this home allowed the home owner to walk into their house feeling a sense of calm.


Tips for someone looking to create a home that feels like a sanctuary, especially right now?

Pick materials that enhance your sense of calm and allow space for nature whether that be indoor or outdoor. 

Anything you would do differently?

We have loved the journey of producing this home and have put a lot of heart and soul into all the decisions and feel very proud of the complete outcome. I guess the only thing we would change is postponing the house campaign so we can selfishly enjoy and absorb the space more. :) 


Shop the Kellett St style: 

Minimalist Furniture Design and Modern Bathroom Storage

Sweden Storage Vessel & Bellantonio Rotating Drawers

Minimalist Furniture Design and Modern Living Room Storage

Flor Planter & Settanta Coffee Table

Oh Side Table & Singolo Single Bed


Photography -  @dylanjamesphoto
Architects - @c.kairouz.architects
Builders - @jbmgroup
Interior design - @__melissavukadin
Interior styling - @kimberley.barker__


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