Our First Ever Publication

Image of the page 5 of the publication by Plyroom

Escapism, our first ever publication, was born out of a feeling of exhaustion after an incessantly busy 2017. 
Relishing in the downtime of the break, we contemplated the concept of escapism.

We wondered, do we work hard and live for the moments spent away or do we design our lives to negate the need for escape all together, enjoying the small and frequent opportunities for pleasure? 

Posing the theme of escapism to our peers and colleagues, we planned to gather a series of creative interpretations of what it means to escape. 

The outcome? A zine brimming with beautiful photography and introspective pieces written by some immensely creative people and companies. 

Image of the contributors by Plyroom

1st row: Ghost WaresNicolle Sullivan of Cultiver LinenJulia Busuttil Nishimura of Ostro.
2nd row: Meghan PlowmanElise Heslop of Plyroom, Rosie Fea
3rd row: Jacqui Lewis of The Broad Place, Domini MarshallForma Studio
4th row: Robyn DalySophie van der DriftPlaces We Swim.

Over the coming weeks we look forward to sharing the stories and thoughtful content from these contributors.  

Image of the page 81 of the publication - Plyroom

In recognition of escapism, allow yourself a minute to pour over the zine. 

Perhaps it will inspire you to escape a little more this year (however that may be).

Pour over the zine here and download a free copy for yourself. 

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