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At Plyroom weekend escapes are a favourite pastime, when hours are spent idly among tranquil landscapes, breathing clean air and exploring fern-draped streams. The feeling of relaxation after such a weekend is undeniable and the benefits well documented and broadly practiced (see our article Nature Therapy).  

Though we’d love to resign to a micro-cabin in the wilderness, it sadly isn’t feasible given the stronghold of the city and its unwavering demands (family commitments, extra-curricular activities, work, pets and so forth).

So how do we emulate the blissfulness of natural spaces in our everyday life. Indoor plants.

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Recently we acquired two beautiful Ficus maclellandii Alii (weeping fig) from Jason Chongue and his partner Nathan Smith of The Plant Society for our studio space.

They both work to preserve interesting plant species for future generations, sharing within the community the knowledge and skills required to grow them. They believe we are faced with the challenge of time, as older generations hold so much plant knowledge that has been largely unsought by younger people until now. Knowledge that yearns to be unearthed and shared.

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Tips to transform your space with indoor plants


Jason himself has innate love of cultivating with a green-thumb passed down from his grandmother. As an architect and interior designer, he is also well versed in the build environment. We’ve asked Jason to impart with some of his sacred knowledge, sharing ways to integrate greenery into the space.  


P - Jason, how can plants transform a space?   

JC  - With our interiors and architecture being dominated by man-made surfaces, plants can instantly soften hard surfaces. We often find the objects and furniture in our interiors floating, and it isn’t until we introduce plants and greenery into our spaces that they begin to feel lived in.
P  - What do you think are the emotional and physical benefits of integrating greenery into a residential space?  
JC  - Having greenery in your home is therapeutic both aesthetically and mentally. We’re reading more research about plants purifying the air and as a hobby I’ve always found the process of gardening extremely calming. It’s taught me a great deal about patience and who isn’t happier having greenery in their home?
P  - What species would you recommend for a minimalist space?

JC  - When it comes to minimalist spaces, always choose a plant that is architectural and pair it with a simple planter. Plants like Hoya (Wax Flower Plant), Schefflera (Umbrella trees) and Homalomena (Queen of hearts) help to add texture but not overtake the minimalist aesthetic.

Images from Pinterest (L-R) Wax Flower Plant, Umbrella tree and Queen of hearts.
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