The Seasonal Kitchen with IN BED

With the change in season comes the craving of wholesome, warm food shared among good company. Wrapped up in winter wools, the smell of honey-roasted something wafting through each room, and a glass of warming red wine calls for a perfect night in. To nurture our bodies in this change of season is important for our vitality, where energy needs to be conserved and nourishment is at peak.

The best part? Sharing it with friends.


Our director, Elise, was so blessed to be invited to IN BED’s Melbourne Autumn dinner – orchestrated by Merchant Road and designed and directed by chef Ella Mittas. Using in-season, regional fresh produce from local farmers markets to create a family-style sharing menu, Ella balanced each dish with colour and warmth to nourish the soul.  
Styled with autumnal produce, grasses, and set to candlelight, IN BED curated a paired-back, warm atmosphere; the table-setting draped with natural tonal colours highlighted in pine, chestnut and khaki. Designed for Autumn, the textures, fabrics and tones reflected the local produce devoured in the evening.

What we put into our bodies has a cyclical rhythm – and so do we. To honour our body is to satisfy the craving of nutrient-dense food in these cooler months, restoring the warmth in our bodies and supporting the ease of our systems. The virtues of eating fresh and organic produce make for a perfect brew of rising energy, but to share among friends means endless pleasure and happiness. 

Styled by Stephanie Stamatis
Images by Marie-Luise Skibbe


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