5 Simple Interior Design Edits for Autumn

5 simple ways to edit your space for the new season with interior design tips

In Melbourne, autumn is starting to show. Deciduous leaves have begun their decent with yellow leaves scattered across the road. Mornings are darker and the night air crisper.  

Transitioning into the cooler months we tend to change our clothing but often overlook changes to the space in which we live. With more time spent indoors cultivating a more comfortable space is important. The Danish, subject to arduous winters, embody hygge - a term for a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

We considered this concept in our post, ‘Hygge: A Danish Philosophy’ and in addition to this, we are exploring the simple changes that can be made in the home to achieve the warmth, comfort and contentment we seek in winter.


Five simple ways to edit your space for the new season

Minimalist interior design mood board featuring Plyroom and other simple interior design examples

Image credit L-R: Setagaya Tokyo Apartment by Naruse Inokuma Architects; McLaren Excell; Studio WW; Bianca Virtue for Plyroom featuring our Shibui Furniture; Meghan Plowman for Plyroom; Kaufmann Mercantile.

Good foundations

Year round your space should be simple in both layout and design, with a small and curated collection of well-made furniture to support aesthetic changes. Restraint in homewares and a neutral palette mean the skeleton of your space is more adaptable for seasonal changes. Our go-to resource for the process of simplifying is Marie Kondō's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.


Mood board featuring winter colours and textures including woollen rugs and linen

Image credit L-R: Remodelista; North Vancouver House by Scott & Scott Architects; Meghan Plowman for Plyroom; Cultiver Linen featuring our Flat Out Queen Bed (view other bedroom furniture Melbourne here); Andy Liffner via My Unfinished Home; source unknown via Pinterest.


Materials are important in visually and physically establishing a sense of warmth and cosiness. Trade linen throw cushions for felt. Swap light cotton bedding for linen, like the beautiful pieces from Cultiver, and replace your quilt with a more thermal insert. Add a woolen throw to your bed and your living space. We also suggest adding a fibrous rug in bedroom or living spaces that have hardwood floors or tiles. This is both practical and visually dynamic.  


Whites and light neutrals are appropriate all year round, however autumn and winter are an opportunity to introduce some darker elements through cushions, bed linen, throws and decor. This season we are coveting deep olive greens and warm terracotta. Changing a framed print is also a simple and non-invasive way of updating the colours in a space.

Mood board showing seasonal produce, Plyroom furniture and winter floral arrangements

Image credit L-R: Elsas Entourage; Nina Holst for Stylizimo; Plyroom Tavola Table; Plyroom Sweden Storage Vessel; Plyroom Big Nest Storage Cabinet.

Seasonal elements 

A visit to your local farmer’s markets will reveal an abundance of seasonal produce. Grapefruits, oranges and other citrus are in season and look beautiful organically strewn across a table top with their stems and leaves intact. Forage outside for any winter wild grasses or spindly twigs that can replace summer floral arrangements.


With winter a time for kinship and time spent inside, ensure your space is adequately lit for entertaining or enjoying downtime with loved ones. We suggest investing in a dimmer switch to ensure a gentle, warm glow and the use of natural soy candles like those from Alchemy.

Products featured in this post

Plyroom Shibui L Shelf shot by Martina Gemmola Plyroom Tavola dining table Plyroom Sweden Storage Vessel is perfect for storing winter blankets, pillows and throws Flat Out Queen bed is a simple, modern bed
Big Nest Storage cabinet is a modern storage piece for the kitchen, bedroom or office Plyroom Flor Planter Broste Copenhagen ceramics Shibui Side Table is perfect for a minimal bedroom design

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