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Rugs definitely add to an overall sense of calm in the home. They warm up a space and finish a mood. Choosing the right rug for your home can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing a size, the right colour, and something that you'll love for years.

We spoke with Isabella from Weave Home flatweave rugs Australia, to give us an overview of what to consider when choosing a rug for your home.

We love creating a calm home, what do you consider to be the essential elements that can inject calm into a space when choosing a rug?

The three essential elements you should consider are the tone of the rug, the material of the rug and the construction of the rug. 

The designs, patterns and colours used in Weave rugs are inspired by nature and the natural materials used to make them – cotton, wool, jute and viscose. The result is a rug that warms the space visually, as well as being warm and soft underfoot - perfect for injecting calm into your home.


How do you choose a size of rug and where it should be placed it so that it will make a room feel spacious and well-designed?

Rectangle shaped rugs are a great go-to to make any room feel spacious and well-designed. 

Buying a good quality floor rug is an investment so it is important not to compromise on size. A rug that is too small will simply ‘float’ in the space - making the room seem smaller and the rug itself a bit cheap. 

In the living room, a mid sized floor rug (2 x 3m) will help to anchor your furniture, and create a defined space. 

Ideally the front legs of your sofa and armchairs should sit on the rug, and there should be plenty of room left for your coffee and side tables to sit on the rug.

The easiest way to visualise how the rug will work in your space is to lay out a sheet, newspapers or blanket and see how a rug will work with your furniture and in your space.

We've put together some handy diagrams for how to position a rug in three of the most common areas in the home - the lounge, dining and bedroom. You can find these on the Weave Home blog: choosing a rug for home.

Which materials are best?

Natural fibres are best for their beauty and longevity. Natural fibres include cotton, wool, jute and viscose.

We would recommend choosing a true flat weave design rather than a rug with a raised design, like our Mitre Rug. Why? Because the constant movement of the chair legs will scuff and wear the raised braids. Raised designs are much better suited to low traffic areas like bedrooms.


What's the best way to protect your rug from indentations that furniture can make over time?

The most popular way to avoid marks in your rug is by using furniture coasters that distribute the weight. Fortunately, there are now many different types of furniture coasters available so that you can easily find a sophisticated and functional design that will blend into your furniture.

Another tip is to regularly rotate your rug to ensure even wear. 


What items would your perfect calm space have in it? 

Plyroom’s Cabine, Dedo Wooden Box and Settanta coffee table to create a space free of clutter.

Plyroom’s Shibui sideboard to display a selection of treasures that each have a special meaning to me.

Plyroom’s Flor Planter to add some beautiful greenery to the space (Monstera and Fiddle Leaf Figs are my favourite!)

To complement the neutral hues of the Plyroom furniture, I would style my perfect calm space with Weave’s linen blend cushions, our natural fibre Emerson floor rug and a cozy 100% soft cotton throw.

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