A Minimalist's Guide to Timeless Storage Solutions

Living as a minimalist in a maximalist world requires a strong sense of self-control. Naturally, we want things to fill spaces, create warmth and presence in a home. This, along with the high-rise (pun intended) of compact living, we’re needing to find solutions to keep our most cherished possessions stored away, without living in a space full of, well, stuff.

As Saint Exupery once said –

“In anything at all, perfection is finally attainted not when there is no longer anything to add, but there is no longer anything to take away.”


Simplicity is treading a fine line between knowing what to keep and what to throw away – this is where great design interjects to facilitate solutions to attaining said simplicity.

That’s right – we’re not talking about storage solutions like suction bags and finding compartments in your walls – we’re alluding to the fact that the pieces you buy to create a sense of calm, presence and personality to your space can be designed to service your aesthetics and your ongoing needs. This is how great minimalist furniture design is in fact, invisible. Think about it – bad design is obvious, frustrating and often leaves the piece unused. Great design, however, finds a place for everything and has everything in its place. It’s used out of ease, creating a sense of calm and space. 

A home free from clutter allows for freedom of the mind and time to enjoy the little things. Discover our most in-demand minimalist storage pieces below 


Made to adapt to your lifestyle, the Cabine is a timeless storage solution for the modern minimalist looking for a versatile, bespoke cabinetry look in their home. Embodying the sensibilities of sustainable living and Japanese Ryokan design, the understated Cabine is designed to seamlessly adapt to any room of the home.

The small Cabine works in spaces such as living rooms of apartments, or bedrooms and studies, offering bench space to showcase books, ceramics and other furnishings whilst housing four internal compartments for further storage. The larger Cabine is adapted to either a low-profile stand-alone media unit, or placed behind a sofa to display furnishings whilst storing kitchenware or books. One of the most ideal ways to use the large Cabine has been by pressing it against the end of a Queen bed, storing linen and maximising bedroom space.

Featured: The large Cabine

Little Nest Storage Cabinet

Wall-mounted cabinetry is a practical storage solution when floor space is at a premium. Inspired by mid-century design and principals of utility, the Little Nest Storage Cabinet can be used in any room of the home. It is as practical as a bedside table as it is in the hallways or office to hold important objects.

It’s larger counterpart, The Big Nest Storage Cabinet can be lined up in a row, laid on the floor or stacked one-on-top of another for a practical storage solution.  

Featured: The Big Nest Storage Cabinet

Shibui Collection

When floor space is limited, vertical volumes are a practical storage solution. Divide any open-plan space with our minimalist Shibui Room Divider, or keep items thoughtfully displayed on our Shibui Sideboard. One of the greatest strengths of the Shibui shelving system is its simplicity.

A subtle and unobtrusive aesthetic will allow the collection to exist for years without growing tired, visually accentuated by your treasured pieces. Adjustable shelf heights also allow you to personalise the shelf based on your changing needs. 

Featured: Details of the Shibui Room Divider


The Trundle Drawer

Gliding on four castors, the Trundle Drawer provides easily accessed storage for clothes, linen or a space pull-out-bed. Available in two sizes – the small trundle fits underneath our Singolo single bed, perfectly placed below a children’s bunk bed or stand-alone single.

The large Trundle Drawer, however, slots seamlessly under the King Single bed and our Flat Out Queen Bed, providing extra storage for couples in smaller bedrooms.

Featured: Left - The Trundle Drawer underneath our Flat Out Queen Bed, Right - The Trundle Drawer underneath our Castello Bunk Bed.


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