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With the urbanisation of our cities more and more of us are embracing of small-footprint living. As we shift into terraces, town-houses and apartments space is an increasing commodity and often the first to feel the pinch are the littlest ones in the family; sharing a bedroom with their sibling or stuck with the tiniest room in the house. In order to live big in a small space, interior design and thoughtful furniture selection is paramount – the most important element of which is storage.

At Plyroom we design minimalist furniture to facilitate a simpler way of life through a blend of modern, minimal design, quality craftsmanship and functionality. Our kid’s furniture is especially practical with an extensive collection ranging from beds with storage to children’s bunk beds. Each piece is designed to enhance small spaces, endure the rumble and tumble of children and grow with your family’s changing needs.

Scandinavian Kid Bedroom Furniture Plyroom Melbourne and Sydney Scandinavian Kid Bedroom Furniture Plyroom Melbourne and Sydney

Left image: via Pinterest, designer unknown. Top image and right image: Children's bedroom renovation by French studio Heju.

Even those living in larger spaces will experience the virtues of the inbuilt storage and adaptability of our children’s furniture. Inspired by the Scandinavian rationale of simplicity, minimalism and functionality, the ‘Scandi’ aesthetic is ubiquitous in children’s interior design for its ability to balance practicality and visual appeal. 

A children’s bedroom is ultimately a space for rest and play and should evoke a sense of calm for your little ones. Here are some of our favourite storage pieces that encourage a clutter-free space and some inspiration for Scandi kid's bedroom design to get you excited...

Double the fun: children’s bunk beds with storage  


Our Castello Bunk Bed has been an enduring favourite for customers seeking kids bunk beds in Melbourne and Sydney where inner-city living is the norm and space is limited. Compact in its footprint, the bunk fits seamlessly in small children’s bedrooms and the addition of the Trundle Drawer provides additional space for a third mattress (a life-saver at sleepovers) or storage.

Plyroom Cool Kids Bunk Bed Melbourne

Little additions: the small storage pieces that make every day easier


Albeit small, these pieces have considerable impact on the tidiness and organisation of a children’s bedroom –

  • The Hang on Piccolo Coat rack is a steadfast favourite amongst families that makes the most of unadorned walls when floor space is tight.
  • The Big Nest Storage Cabinet is a flexible alternative to permanent cabinetry with generous storage that can be suspended on the wall or placed on the ground to house books, toys and linen.
  • The Peggy Peg Board is a playful storage solution that can house treasured items, books and hang backpacks.


Scandinavian Kid Bedroom Furniture Plyroom Melbourne and Sydney Scandinavian Kid Bedroom Furniture Plyroom Melbourne and Sydney

London Flat by Studio Ben Allen

View from the top: Scandinavian-inspired loft beds 


Perhaps the most flexible of all is the Dream Cloud Loft Bed, designed for multiple uses with space for a play zone, reading nook extra bed or study. When paired with the Singolo Single Bed, the loft can in-effect become a bunk, sleeping two until children are ready for separate bedrooms. Its light, lofty aesthetic combined with sheer practicality is perfect for the every-changing family dynamic.

Plyroom Dream Cloud Loft Bed

Looking for thoughtful furniture or beds with storage for your child’s bedroom? Or simply love the Scandinavian aesthetic? Discover our complete range of children's products here.

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