Quality Kids Furniture Loft Bed Melbourne

Eternally popular with children for their cool-factor, loved by parents for their space saving nature and inherent flexibility, loft beds have never been more in vogue. Loft beds enable children to personalise their space in a way that normal single or king single beds may not plus they also are great at keeping rooms looking neat and tidy.

A sturdy loft bed will have years of use, whilst having the added bonus of offering a great amount of versatility.

Whether it be a single loft bed or king single loft bed, this style of bed can also simplify your child’s space. Here are 4 ways a loft bed can enhance your child’s space.

4 Ways A Loft Bed Enhances Your Child's Bedroom 


1. Loft beds maximise flexibility

The space underneath the loft bed can be used in a variety of ways. Having an elevated bed also keeps the floor space free for other activities, which will change as your child grows.

Quality Kids Furniture Loft Bed Melbourne

2. Using the floor space for play

When children are young, creating a play area underneath the loft bed is a wonderful way to encourage independent play. Having a dedicated space for play in their bedrooms also means that toys are less likely to creep into the rest of the house every time friends come over to play!

3. Loft beds enable space for storage

Extra storage is fantastic in small spaces. It’s especially good when it doesn’t occupy any additional floorspace in an already small bedroom.

If your child enjoys reading or if there is little built in storage in your child’s bedroom, the underneath of the loft bed is ideal for incorporating storage or shelving. Whether it be a reading spot with bookshelves to house a growing array of books or chest of drawers / cabinets that house clothing and toys, the space under the loft bed is a valuable asset in a small bedroom.

Quality Kids Furniture Loft Bed Melbourne

4. Loft beds can accommodate a desk underneath

When children are young and beginning to learn homework habits that will see them into high school, they tend to do their homework in a part of the home that is closer to parents such as the kitchen table or kitchen bench. As they become more independent and have their good habits established, they may prefer a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the family. Placing a desk underneath the loft bed in their bedroom creates a study area in a cosy nook separate from the rest of the room.

Quality Kids Furniture Loft Bed Melbourne

A loft bed is a wonderful option if you have high ceiling but little floor space. If you have low ceilings or prefer to have a bed on the floor, bunk beds or single or king single beds may be more suitable for your needs. Think a bunk bed might be a better option? Read our article ‘5 things you should ask before choosing a bunk bed’.

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