Plyroom Modern Children's Bunk and Loft Beds

Choosing a bed for your little one is a big decision. You want them to love it. You want them to sleep comfortably in it. You want it to be a good choice for the environment and for their health. You want it to work with your home and lifestyle.

We’ve put together a list of key questions we get asked about our bunk beds in the hope that they help you when you are deciding what kids bed is best for your child.

5 Things You Should Ask Before Choosing a Bunk Bed 

Plyroom Modern Children's Bunk and Loft Beds

What age should I start thinking about a bunk bed for my children?

This is definitely a personal decision and depends on the type of child. Guidelines recommend a child will safely sleep in a bunk bed from the age of 9. Many families where there is a younger sibling will think of getting a bunk bed when their youngest child is comfortably sleeping in a single bed. One consideration is to make sure the bunk bed you choose has a high ladder access height to discourage small children from climbing the ladder. Our Castello Bunk Bed ladder has been designed with this in mind.

Should I get a trundle with my bunk bed?

Extra storage is fantastic in small spaces. It’s especially good when it doesn’t occupy any additional floorspace in an already small bedroom. Trundle drawers work best when they can be used for multiple purposes - additional storage but also as an occasional bed.

What is better – a king single bunk or a single bunk bed?

Many customers ask us what we would recommend in terms of ideal bunk bed. Both the single and king single bunk beds we offer are the same height, so it really comes down to three key things:

✓ How big is the floor space in your child’s bedroom? If your kids bedroom is particularly small, you may find that the king single bunk bed is not the right choice for you.

✓ How tall are you? This often determines how tall your children will be. The king single bunk bed offers extra length for a bit more growing room.

✓ Do you spend a lot of time helping them settle into a bedtime routine? If so, you may appreciate the extra space that comes with the king single bed.

Will a bunk bed fit in a small bedroom?

Many bunk beds can be very high and visually heavy pieces of furniture, that dominate small bedrooms and apartments. We have designed this bunk bed specifically for small bedrooms. It has the benefit of being elevated off the floor (allowing additional space for storage), yet has a low overall footprint whilst ensuring maximum safety rail heights and generous space on the bottom bunk. Learn more about the dimensions of our Castello Bunk Bed here.

Should I split the bunk bed in two beds?

Many parents worry that their children will grow out of sharing a room, especially now when many children have separate bedrooms from an early age and there is a focus on private space. Personally, we feel that the connection that comes from sharing a space with your sibling far outweighs the chance that they may want to move into separate bedrooms 5 years or even more down the track.

Whilst the Castello Bunk Bed does not separate into two beds, our Dream Cloud Loft Bed does provide this extra flexibility if you are concerned that sharing won’t be a long term arrangement for your family.

Our collection of modern designer bunk beds and children’s loft beds are thoughtfully designed to grow with your child. Inspired by Scandinavian children's furniture, our designer children’s furniture, bunk beds and loft beds are beautifully simple in design, quality in craftsmanship and sustainable in their environmental footprint, making them the safest furniture for your child’s bedroom.

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