Scandinavian Children’s Bedroom Design

Modern Scandinavian Children's Bedroom Furniture Modern Scandinavian Children's Bedroom Furniture

Inspiration: minimal, Scandi style children's interior by Heju.

Scandinavian design is revered for its simplicity, minimalism and functionality. It is visually synonymous with white and neutral colour application, natural birch plywood, minimalist furniture, and humbly luxurious homewares to cultivate a sense of hygge.

A Scandinavian-inspired interior is certainly achievable with the deluge of 'scandi style furniture’ available on the Australian market. Whilst these minimalist furniture pieces superficially adhere to the Scandinavian style, their often mass-produced nature defies the very fundamentals of Scandinavian design - functionality, longevity and quality craftsmanship.

We find there is no better place to invest in quality furniture than a child’s bedroom, where safety and durability are non-negotiable. With our range of considered designer kids furniture, Plyroom offers beautifully designed and entirely practical pieces for the pragmatic Scandi-at-heart and their børn (yes, that’s children in Danish - thank you Google!).

Undertaking a renovation or dreaming of a Nordic-inspired children’s bedroom?

Discover our collection of Italian and Melbourne made Scandinavian-inspired Children's Furniture

Designer bunk beds, loft beds, modern sleigh beds and single beds with storage...

scandinavian childrens furniture Designer Kids Furniture
Dream Cloud Loft Bed, Singolo Single Bed and Sponda Bed Rail Sleigh Bed
Designer Bunk Bed Australia
Modern Single Bed With Storage
Castello Bunk Bed Singolo Bed and Trundle Drawer

Modern Children's Storage...

Modern Scandinavian Children's Bedroom Storage Modern Scandinavian Children's Bedroom Storage
A4 Drawers and Little Nest Storage Cabinet Peggy Peg Board
Modern Scandinavian Children's Storage Furniture
Hang on Piccolo Coat Rack Panca Bambina Storage Seat


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