An Organised Life | Storage pieces and organisational cabinetry

Founder of Plyroom and mother of two boys, Elise shares her tips for cultivating calm at home, including helpful storage solutions for maintaining order amidst the wonderful chaos that is life with children.


A note from Elise…

I don't think many of us reflect on our lives and think they could be any busier. There is definitely a sentiment among my peers that sometimes it can feel like a bit much - work, kids' after-school commitments, trying to squeeze in exercise, family and friends, all the while being a good human and parent.

Something that does help things function better is having some order at home. Over the years I have had to let standards drop and pick my battles, but there a few little pearls of wisdom that keep things feeling calm at home.  


1. Put technology away

As my children get older and there are a lot more devices floating around, we keep a small basket on our kitchen bench corner and that's where they reside, recharge and rest. Having them out of the way also keeps the temptation to check phones at bay.


2. Come home to a tidy space

I don't like getting home in the evening and finding stuff everywhere. It deflates me and stresses me out so in the morning I take 5 minutes right before I leave for work clearing surfaces that I'm going to see as soon as I get home. If anything is looking like it's going to take more time, I shut the door. 


3. A place for everything

Coat racks and storage boxes have been the perfect storage solution for the bits that float around or get dumped as soon as kids arrive home from school. Having a dedicated hook or place for these items keeps them off the floor.


Maintaining order in the home with Children: Storage pieces and organisational cabinetry


Hang on Piccolo Coat Rack

Designed and made in Melbourne, the Hang on Piccolo Coat Rack is simply designed for practicality. Suspended in hallways, laundries or bedrooms. At our house, it provides a home for school backpacks, raincoats, hung football boots and other on-the-go items (mostly keeping floors clear and encouraging tidy habits).


Trundle Drawer

The Trundle Drawer, designed to glide under the Castello Bunk Bed or Singolo Single Bed creates additional storage for clothes, linen, toys or a pull-out sleepover bed. My boys, only recently having moved into separate rooms, shared the Castello Bunk from early childhood. Throughout the years, the trundle was a saviour hiding clutter when sharing a typically small terrace-house bedroom.


Peggy Peg Board

Mounted vertically or horizontally in the study, hallway or bedroom, the Peggy utilises otherwise unused wall-space, keeping free valuable floor space. With two birch shelves and a series of movable wooden dowels, it is a modular and customisable storage piece that we use at home to hang keys, rest incoming school notices and temporarily house frequently used items.


Trundle Drawer, Hang on Piccolo Coat Rack, Peggy Peg Board



Me Nook

The Me Nook is a simple piece with considerable affect. It is an is an easily movable ledge that - when attached to our loft and bunk beds, Ava Lifestages Cot or A4 Drawers - provides additional space for easy-to-reach items. It is especially convenient in the nursery for multi-tasking mothers.


Big Nest Storage Cabinet 

We make environmentally friendly furniture and The Big Nest - lovingly manufactured within 5km of our Melbourne studio from sustainably forested Birch and finished with natural wax - is no exception. Whether suspended on the wall, rested on the ground or positioned in pairs, the Big Nest is a versatile storage piece for living and bedroom spaces. Suspended low for easy-access, the Big Nest can store anything from winter blankets to book collections.

Me Nook, Big Nest Storage Cabinet.


Imagery taken at Elise's Slow Beach Cottage in Rye, Victoria.

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