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With the austerity of winter very much on our doorstep, the stress of the end of financial year around the corner, and the unavoidable change-of-season sniffles going around, we’re reminded of the need to take it easy. Heading into June you will find us focusing on…  


Especially in winter we place our trust in nature’s provisions and try to nourish our bodies with seasonal produce for its ability to provide the restorative nutrients we need. Grapefruits and other citrus, pears and persimmons are ripe for the picking…


There is no better time to decline a night out in favour of an evening cocooned in woollen blankets by the fire place and absorbed in a great book. Now is the time to stop spreading ourselves too thin and instead make time for ourselves.


Times of professional and personal busyness are opportune for meditation, self-reflection and mental restoration. We have been using the application Insight Timer to access guided meditations, discussions on mindfulness and yoga nidra in the evenings. Be it meditation, journaling or an embrace of quiet moments in the morning, winter is the perfect time to work on stilling the mind.   

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Whilst we humbly embrace these doctrines in our daily lives, we’ve recently come across Willow Urban Retreat, a place that lives and breathes wellness in Melbourne’s inner south-east. Designed by local studio Meme Design, the holistic day spa, studio space and wholefood cafe exudes calm through a Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetic, minimalist interior, understated simplicity and tonal finishes. According to Yellow Trace, Meme found inspiration in Ayurveda, Ying and Yang, Zen Buddhism and Wabi Sabi.

Willow is designed as a haven for people to find themselves - a refuge to escape, retreat, revitalise and just breathe. Core to its existence are values of ‘soul’, ‘wholeness’, ‘body’ and ‘mind’.


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According to Yellow Trace, it ‘is unmistakably a space for immersing yourself in meditation and self-reflection; reconnecting you to your body and mind, not to mention your soul.’ 

Inspired by the visual simplicity and meaningful values of Willow Urban Retreat we’ve curated a selection of our modern, Australian-designed furniture and minimalist bedroom pieces to cultivate an environment for restoration at home…

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Products clockwise from top: Flat Out Queen Bed; Seljak Original Fringe Blanket; Flor Planter; Cultiver Linen Duvet Covet Set in Smoke Grey; Shibui Small


Photography by Sharyn Cairns via Yellow Trace.

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